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Sticking to just one decoration style is part of the past

The end of each season is key in many homes, the seasonal change means swapping out the contents of your wardrobes, home decoration and accessories. After years of enjoying either Industrial, Nordic or Navy styles, the time has come to unify trends within a single space thus creating beautiful designs full of personality and charisma. This upcoming year will bring amazing style combinations that can coexist in a single space or be used in different rooms to create multiple environments.

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Open spaces

In general, this year’s trends and styles will continue. Open spaces flooded with light, decorated with plants, gold and copper elements all continue to be part of a well established trend that is here to stay.

Kitchen Trends

The kitchen takes the spotlight in the new year. We generally look for warmth and comfort in the kitchen, hence the use of wood as the main material. Regarding color schemes for the new season, although light colors still prevail, ‘pure white’ is not as popular anymore. We’ll be seeing kitchens with sophisticated appliances and a touch of color to create contrast.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - kitchen design

Wood is here to stay

Wood has been a prominent material in modern home interiors for some time now. We see it in furniture, flooring or accessories, everyone loves that welcoming touch it conveys. However we’re seeing more and wooden objects, which is also very present in household coatings this season. The novelty this year will using natural wood, without any type of dye. This trend which started cropping up in previous seasons, is now stronger than ever.

New styles prevail

Natural wood is the perfect material the for new styles taking center stage in 2019. In addition, the fewer dyes and varnishes used, the healthier the home environment is, free of chemical products that can be harmful to those who live at home. Environmental awareness and the importance of decoration in our health is also fashionable this season.

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Lots of Color

All colors are welcome in 2019 if they are used in small brushstrokes or in furniture pieces that are the main players in a room, introducing a touch of freshness to each space. It is important to find harmony between the colors, materials and textures that coexist in a room, as current trends aren’t seeking radical effects, rather the aim is to create peaceful and elegant homes.


Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - color interior design The art of combining colors

Burgundy, watermelon red, lilac and different shades of yellow that range from lemon to mustard will be the ideal tones to create warm and welcoming environments that work regardless of the season we are in.

White will always be the winning horse in the field of interior design, but combining it with other trending colors such as gray, black and beige, and adding it in the right proportions will give excellent results.



Floors and walls take on a special role

In 2019 no decorative element will be left to chance, so paying special attention to the walls and floors of your home will be a success. Tiles will have greater decorative relevance and terracotta and terrazzo are back! Who said they were materials only for terraces and patios? Terrazzo will shine again on the countertops of our kitchens and terracotta will be the perfect material to make built-in shelves or to raise arches that separate different rooms.


In addition, the variety of wallpaper designs make combining them to create authentic works of art in every corner an irresistible opportunity. They are easy to put on, eliminate the need to paint so often and they give each wall of your home an authentic personality.

We’re looking forward to the new year so we can start putting all these “musts” into practice, do you want professional advice? Click here.


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