You still don’t know our shop MOBILDE DISEÑO MANILVA?

As many of you already know, we have a shop-showroom in Manilva (Ctra. N-340, KM. 142,5, Manilva). In Mobile Diseño we are up to date with trends and styles, we care about our customers and we try to advise them, always listening to their needs. Qualities and characteristics that our shop in Manilva also has.

We like to define ourselves as a decoration shop specialising in furniture and interior design, whose aim is to offer projects of the highest quality and, always hand in hand with our clients.
At Mobile Diseño we are in a constant search for uniqueness and balance. We have managed to create a distinctive style and an aesthetic synonymous with timeless elegance and classicism.
For Mobile Diseño, every customer is different, and proof of this is the enormous variety of objects and styles in our Mobile Diseño Manilva shop. In our Showroom, you will discover the art of decoration and you will see how the illusion, and an absolute conviction that beautiful things generate more positive moods, create more welcoming, human environments and this helps us to see our environment a little better…

Mobile Diseño Manilva – Ctra. N-340, KM. 142,5, Manilva.
We are waiting for you at Mobile Diseño Manilva!