Mobile Diseño, Joenfa and the essence of nature

Mobile Diseño, Joenfa and the essence of nature. At Mobile Diseño we like to work with the best furniture companies under the highest quality standards, that is why we work, collaborate and above all, trust Joenfa for our projects and for our clients.

Since 1991, Joenfa, located in the Valencian town of Font de la Figuera, has been designing high quality furniture that owes its undoubted appeal to an exclusive and timeless aesthetic, in which the use of wood and the combination of this with other materials creates unique designs.
From Joenfa, and now we, Mobile Diseño, in our shop, we offer a wide variety of products for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, as well as accessories that bring naturalness, comfort and simplicity to homes.

Noble woods such as teak, mahogany or mindi, with or without treatment, together with natural fibres such as bamboo and rattan, which transmit natural sensations, while giving warmth to any room, are combined with original designs and simple lines they provide. The raw materials with which their products are created stand out.
These living materials elegantly combined with metals contribute to create natural environments as well as urban and avant-garde ones.
From Joenfa Nature’s new catalogue, we highlight its inspiration in nature, through the furniture created in this collection we highlight its love of nature, everything it brings to us and surrounds us with. The experience acquired over the years by Joenfa’s craftsmen is evident in every piece of furniture and in every detail.
What we most like about Joenfa is the work of the wood in its natural state, without any treatment or mechanization, so we will never find two pieces alike, we will always have unique pieces. The experience gained over the years by Joenfa’s craftsmen is evident in every piece of furniture and in every detail. In your home, you will have a work of art.

Joenfa’s versatility can also be highlighted, with its Skyline Design® brand, created in 2001, they have managed to become a benchmark in the outdoor furniture sector. To talk about Skyline Design is to talk about the careful manufacture of their products, with high-quality materials such as synthetic fibre, aluminium, the impressive Sunbrella fabrics and the careful upholstery they use, which give each of their outdoor furniture collections its own personality.

We should not forget their Agua de Mar brand, luxury outdoor furniture that will attract attention on any terrace or garden. Extremely resistant and waterproof, Agua de Mar is known for reflecting the passion for inimitable shapes, and the choice of materials for resistance to any weather conditions, while providing a feeling of tranquillity due to its perfect maintenance.

If you are looking to create atmospheres full of space to provide feelings of well-being and comfort, we do not have to go to foreign brands, with national brands such as JOENFA, we can achieve this. Shapes that exceed all fashions and are a reference for style. Contact us and we will advise you on how to choose the Joenfa furniture, or its outdoor brands Agua de Mar or Skyline Design, that best suits you.