Mobile Diseño and #mymanuttimoments with Manutti

Mobile Diseño and #mymanuttimoments with Manutti. During the summer, life moves outdoors, to gardens, terraces or porches, but if you live in Marbella, where we have around 300 days of sunshine a year, you can enjoy these spaces for the vast majority of the year.

Most people who have outdoor space want to have an area that combines leisure and relaxation. That is to say, an area where we can sit down to eat, enjoy the company of our friends or play a board game.

In order to unify these two elements, it is important to choose the furniture carefully. Manutti has redefined outdoor luxury, creating #mymanuttimoments with its sophisticated furniture. Moments of tranquillity, connection and fascination are the most important things in life. At Manutti, they are convinced that outdoor areas, under the radiant and revitalising light of the sun, are the best place to enjoy these moments together with our loved ones.

Although outdoor furniture needs to be more resistant and cared for, the truth is that there are more and more designs that can also be used indoors, without fear of making a mistake, as the boundaries between ‘indoor & outdoor’ are becoming increasingly blurred, and this is precisely one of Manutti’s strong points.

With the good weather, enjoying your terrace, porch or garden becomes something almost obligatory; a place that both children and adults can enjoy. And where enjoying good company, good food and unique experiences is much easier and more comfortable. There are many things to do on a terrace with friends and family. And to set it up you only need a few ideas, Manutti outdoor furniture, the details that will give it your personal touch and you will be ready to live your #mymanuttimoments.

A Manutti experience is a moment of joy and cosiness under the sky. Warmth and luxury for everyone, everywhere: from sunrise to sunset. Go outside. Feel the warmth on your skin and enjoy the presence of your loved ones. Manutti believes in the beauty of the outdoors and its power to connect us.

Manutti pieces are more than furniture. They are the canvas on which you will create cosy, pleasant and unforgettable moments. They are for everyone, for every moment, and everywhere in the world. Whether you prefer to relax by the cool water of your pool, in the salty dunes of the coast, or whether you want to enjoy the serenity of nature or the vibrant atmosphere of the city: they have developed four styles that will defy your expectations. Sit back, relax and be inspired.

And for you, what’s your Manutti moment like?