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Feel spring at home: Which are spring-summer 2023 trends?

The decoration of your house aims to create positive sensations and, of course, make you feel good. Your home is your temple and you must feel in accordance with this space to feel that everything is in order in your day to day. Therefore, let spring enter in it with this season’s trends.

With the arrival of the new season and the good weather, not only your closet calls for a change. If what you want is to leave the cold winter behind and make your home a warm place prepared for this new epoch, our interior designer expert in Marbella brings you the five trends that will stand out this spring-summer 2023.

1. Natural Style 

This spring prioritizes naturalness, taking as a base a relaxed palette of off-white, ecru and beige, and combining them with tones inspired by nature, for example, toasted, earths and greens.

In addition, you can highlight the beauty of your home by using natural materials such as wood, bamboo or jute.

Living room with neutral colour base and blues.

2. What colours are going to be trendy this spring-summer? 

Blue is fashionable. This colour reminds us of air and water, representing peacefulness and tranquillity. If what you want is to bring lightness and brightness to your home, do not hesitate to bet on it.

But if blue is not your thing, you can also use pastel tones in decorative elements to subtly add touches of colour to your home.

3. Rural is back. What is Cottagecore style?

The cottagecore style is trending on social media. The aesthetic of country houses has been reinvented and taken to urban homes, becoming a benchmark in city houses that aspire to have that atmosphere of calm and tranquillity.

It consists of choosing fundamental elements of the country style and adapting it to the most current trends, for example, using vintage furniture, crochet and flowers as protagonists.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - Retorno de lo rural

4. Flowers

Not only if you bet on a natural or cottagecore style you can use flowers. These are the quintessential symbol of spring and filling your home with simple flower arrangements will give it that touch of life, colour and joy that good weather brings us.

Some of the most popular flowers are tulips, dahlias, hydrangeas and roses.

5. One or two trends?

Although what we are mentioning are trends and styles that are used separately, this spring explosive mixes are also highly popular. So don’t be shy and dare to mix using different styles, always maintaining a balance within the dynamism.

If you have already taken note of everything and you want spring to enter your home but you don’t know how, the Mobile Diseño team is at your disposal to help you create the projects you dream of so that your home is always up to date. As we are a studio specialised in interior design and decoration in Marbella that has over 30 years’ experience in transforming homes and businesses.

Do you need help or advice with your home decor in Marbella? Contact our team and we will help you creating your dream home.

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