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When to do renovations? Summer, the best time of the year to do my renovation?

When to do renovations? Summer, the best season of the year to carry out my renovation? After more than 30 years of experience in the renovation sector and in spite of consumers, summer is not the best season of the year to carry out your renovation project.

Why? Quite simply. Here is what experience tells us:

Factories do not perform at 100%. Employees, as well as consumers, enjoy their summer holidays. As a result, the output of the factories is reduced so that any material requirements can lead to significant delays. Needless to say, some manufacturers go out of business.

Distributors also miss their usual delivery deadlines. Because of their dependence on the factories, the cycle repeats itself. A pallet of wall cladding, flooring, tiles… it can be quite an adventure to get them in time for installation. All without taking into account the unforeseen events that may arise with regard to the need to order more material during the course of the work or at the last minute than the initial amount…

The site personnel, who also need to take their holidays because of the above, find themselves in the situation of having to deal with more working days than planned. This causes real coordination problems on site and, of course, possible additional problems as we all book our holidays on countless occasions and we cannot hesitate with these bookings if we do not want to miss out on what has been booked?

The dreaded restrictions of the communities of neighbours is also an inconvenience when it comes to carrying out reforms of any kind.

In short, it is best to plan your project before the summer months or at the beginning of them, leaving at least all the materials already chosen beforehand. In this way, problems will be reduced to a minimum.

When to Refurbish? Summer, the best time of the year to carry out my renovation? If you are thinking of carrying out the reform of your time, you can contact us and we will help you to plan it in order to carry it out at the best possible time. Shall we talk?

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