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Are you thinking about changing your kitchen or have you bought a new house and need to furnish it? When choosing the style that best suits your home, you must take into account functionality and lifestyle, without losing sight of comfort and aesthetics.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - cocina moderna

Modern Kitchens

There are many customers that want a modern kitchen, but the reality is that today … everything is fashionable! In Mobile Diseño we consider modern kitchens those in which the use of colors, minimalist character, straight lines, the absence of handles and innovation in general go hand in hand to achieve an aesthetic modern design.

We can also play with different colors and wooden frames for the kitchen furniture in order to create some contrast, almost everything is allowed in modern styles as long as we maintain an elegant design.

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Open Kitchens

Open Kitchens are trending and have more followers every day. This type of kitchens introduces the “Open Concept”, in which common spaces of the home such as: the kitchen, living room and dining room are communicated without walls to facilitate the flow and mobility within the house.
According to its distribution and construction, Open Kitchens can be more or less accessible to the living room, in some cases they may even fall in the category of semi-open kitchens. But a common denominator in all of them is the famous bar with stools acting as a divider between the different environments.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - minimalista

Minimalist Kitchens

Minimalist kitchens are about freeing oneself from excess “stuff” and creating a simple and clean environment . Therefore, the furniture must be functional and multipurpose. Order and placement of the element in this structure is very important.
You must choose furniture with large drawers, where you can store all kinds of utensils and kitchen elements. The objective is to leave nothing on counter tops or kitchen tables.
In addition, in order to create a clear and spacious area, lighting is very important, and if possible the use of light colors, like white, for furniture and appliances will help create the minimalist look and feel.

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Kitchens Islands

Kitchen islands have become very prominent in recent years. The island serves as extra work space where we can comfortably share our experiences with others.
It is true that in order to be able to place islands in our kitchen we need large spaces. However, it will strongly help the kitchen gain richness, uniqueness and elegance.
An island is a multipurpose space, a place for storage, a bar where you can sit down to eat or even cook, if you decide to install stoves there.
Whether you are looking for a modern or more classic look, kitchen islands can adapt to any design preferences, it can also be a point of reference for the choice of your furniture and decoration styles.

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White Kitchens

White color provides luminosity, reflects and maximizes the available natural light. White can be prominent in the furniture as well as in walls and floor. White kitchens are a legacy of the well-known Nordic style and usually have large windows as a source of natural light. In addition, they are complemented by details in wood and vegetable fibers. Light tones and wooden natural finishes add warmth and create a more cozy and comfortable living area. But the objective of Nordic kitchens, apart from being comforting, is to have an orderly and practical space by always using functional furniture.

Every day we look to improve the comfort-ability in the item that surround us and that we use daily. Therefore, your ideal kitchen choice should respond to your personal home lifestyle. Our team of specialists are convinced that the kitchens are no longer simply cooking workplaces, they have become a symbol of balance between activity and pleasure. For this reason, good professional advice is paramount in choosing your ideal kitchen. If you want our team to help give shape to your perfect kitchen project for free, click here to contact us.

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