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High-end interior design

Luxury furnishingsdesigned to surprise and delight with their elegance and exclusivity, can make any room into a unique space; as well as their basic function, they are designed to give your décor a touch of distinction.

But furniture is not the only element used in luxury decoration: lighting and accessories bring out the splendour of the furnishings. The right choice of these elements is what makes a decoration project a success.

High-end decoration includes various styles: Baroque, minimalist, Zen and classical coexist at the highest level of exclusivity. The correct adaptation of a space to the needs and preferences of the client is undoubtedly one of the features of this level of design.

At Mobile Diseño we create unique settings where all the elements are perfectly integrated. This is why we are the exclusive distributors of Fendi Casa on the Costa del Sol, and able to create unique spaces like the ones shown here.

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