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How to transform your home with indoor lighting?

Indoor lighting is a very important way to transform indoor spaces and enhance their expressiveness. For this reason we want to define the different types of lighting.

a. General lighting: Purely functional lighting of an entire space. We recommend using several light sources to improve the effect.

b.  Spot lighting: Complementary to general lighting, this is directed at a particular part of the space, highlighting an element of it, while mainly intended to increase the functionality of the space.

c. Decorative lighting: This is used to highlight an object so it takes centre stage in the room. It is especially used to highlight valuable or original elements and create architectural effects.

d. Exhibition lighting: This is a very creative type of lighting which seeks a theatrical effect through the use of colours, shapes and spaces, making the lighting itself the centre of attention.

Now you know the different types of indoor lighting, can you see which have been used in this space?

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