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TIPS FOR RENOVATING AN OLD HOUSE. More and more people are deciding to buy an old house to reform and thus get a home to measure, in a privileged location. In general, this type of construction usually has a better location and its prices are somewhat more affordable. However, the returns initially expected after the reform process are not always obtained, above all because the appropriate experts are not available.

For this reason, Mobile Diseño, as specialists in the rehabilitation, reform and restoration of all types of buildings, offers you a series of advice and recommendations for the thorough reform of an old house. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary problems and setbacks.

This type of old house has a great architectural and aesthetic charm that cannot be achieved in modern constructions. Accepting the challenge of renovating it and carrying out the necessary restorations as well as recycling can enhance its characteristic value.



Before starting the work, you must have very well defined everything you want to do. In this way, you will not have any unforeseen events and you will not go over the budget you have in mind from the very beginning. Also, to be more concise, a good trick is to collect images from magazines or Internet publications that show the style of reform you want or the types of finishes you prefer. All these details will help you to come up with the general idea, perfectly adjusting to your needs.


Whenever one speaks of the renovation of an old house, the typical image of wooden beams and stone covered walls comes to mind. However, it is very important to value all the possibilities offered by its different spaces, trying to preserve all its charm and beauty as much as possible. For example, on some occasions, it is necessary to eliminate load-bearing walls, so new beams must be placed that are capable of supporting the entire weight of the structure.


Perhaps it is the perfect time to apply new systems of thermal and acoustic insulation. A good investment in insulation will be synonymous with savings, in the near future, in air conditioning systems. It is true that changing doors and windows is one of the most expensive sections when it comes to renovating an old house, but, in this way, you will be guaranteed the correct functioning of the heating in winter and the air conditioning in the hottest months of the year.


With few changes in the lighting of the rooms that make up the house, you will manage to create a new, more comfortable and totally renewed atmosphere. Pay special attention to the distribution of the points of light and play with the mirrors to design deeper spaces in areas that are darker.

Do you know what elements of an old house are valuable?

Knowing the value of these structural elements is of great help, in addition you should consider basic aspects that involve the reform of a house that has been exposed to years of deterioration.
From the point of view of experience, here at Mobile Design we bring you these tips for reforming an old house that can help you plan your comprehensive reform:

1. The beautiful character of the classic
Old houses enjoy that style of a different era, something that is not easy to achieve in an authentic way and therefore has great value both aesthetically and architecturally.

2. Display the brick walls
It is not necessary to cover all the roughness and rustic textures of an old house. These are part of its original structure and you can play with them to display them as focal points in the room.
Likewise elements such as vaulted ceilings, wooden beams, ostentatious mouldings and original house floors are other valuable elements worth restoring and preserving in notable areas of your home.

3. Balance between old and new
We have referred to maintaining the charm of the house, but that does not mean that you cannot use modern elements or a style of decor that you like very much when remodelling an old house.
It is possible to include new elements as long as you maintain a harmony in your environment. If you want to include more modern elements than would suit the ambience, you can always choose to customize some new elements to give them a retro or classic look and thus preserve the best of both eras.

4. Increase natural light sources
Older houses usually do not have enough natural light. This is a point you should consider and improve upon as natural light cannot be imitated and gives a feeling of spaciousness and harmony to the rooms.
Including large windows in the rooms, placing mirrors and avoiding closing off the sources of natural light are some modifications that can make a big difference.

5. Updating electrical installations and pipes
The original installations may not only be deteriorated, but may no longer comply with current safety regulations. To ensure that neither the inhabitants of the house nor the structure itself are endangered, it is best to provide modern facilities.

Additionally, making these reforms has the advantage that this allows for the inclusion of water saving systems in the taps and computerised house systems in the electrical installations.

6. Replace wooden windows
Today there are many new materials that are able to completely simulate the look of wood, with many more functional advantages such as better insulation, are not flammable and have a longer life.
That is why, if you are renovating an old house, a great piece of advice we can give you is to replace your wooden window frames with safer and more durable materials.

7. Switch to sustainable appliances
Selecting sustainable appliances is a good way to update your townhouse with modern and environmentally friendly elements. Maintaining energy efficiency will be a long term investment.

If you have Mobile Diseño in the area of renovation for your project, you can count on many ideas like this one that can adjust the space just to your personal taste.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Mobile Diseño to get the quote and advice you need for your big old house renovation.
Which of these tips do you think should be taken into account when reforming an old house?

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