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This summer, vibrant and fun decorations are all the rage, infused with colours that radiate light and vitality

This summer, vibrant and fun decorations are all the rage, infused with colours that radiate light and vitality. Vibrant colours, fun prints and irregular shapes are the most popular trends this summer season.

The summer interior trends that are all the rage, and perfect for all lovers of maximalism, with vibrant colours, eclectic prints and irregular shapes. With the return of 2000’s fashion, minimalism is being left behind and the maximalist style is positioning itself as a favourite, especially on social media and the love for colour is increasing with the arrival of summer, resulting in fun interior design trends ideal for all those who enjoy creating fun and original environments in their home. Let’s get started!

1 – Vibrant colours Will you dare to use them?

The important and difficult decision when choosing colours for our decoration. Colours are often the soul of our spaces and play a major role in decoration. Just as some colours give that state of stillness, others give us strength and more life. Vibrant colours are striking tones that highlight the personality of spaces; the most vibrant colours according to science are blue: it conveys richness and superiority and green: harmony and stability. When it comes to creating and giving life to our spaces, we can play with these tones, making the most of them.

To implement vibrant colours in our decoration we must take into account what type of furniture we have available for our use, the space to be decorated, and what we want to achieve by implementing these tones. Most of the people who use these colours in their decoration are risk-takers, without fear of failure, fun and spontaneous.

The wall, as a fundamental part of the decoration, must be wide or be the centre of attention, because if we paint the wall with a vibrant tone, we must take into account that the other accessories have to be light and soft colours, thus achieving a visual harmony. We should not create a competition as to which one stands out the most. There are cases where you can implement vibrant colours in both parts, say on the wall or on the sofa cushions, it all depends on how you are flowing with ideas and how the space is looking.

If we are going to use vibrant colours it is advisable that the background wall has a neutral or soft colour tone. A good trick can be to use vibrant tones in cushions, plant pots or vases, the coffee table, an armchair or shelf, curtains and carpets, among other common decorations that serve as great decorative complements.
The most used vibrant colours in the decoration trend are the following:
Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Red, Yellow.

Vibrant colour palette

A tip to combine these vibrant tones would be to mix them with the neutral colours which are the harmonious decorative tones that are easy to combine. These are grey tones, black, white and beige tones.

2 – Irregular shapes, the new beauty of decoration

Maximalism is playing a key role in the summer trends of 2022, so irregular shapes are the protagonists of the season. From fun shaped tables to chairs that look like something out of a sci-fi movie, irregular shapes are dominating the season.

When we talk about the aesthetics of the irregular, we are referring to a different concept to what we are used to. In the world of interior design, it is always about seeking correspondence and concordance between elements, but what happens when we change the dynamics?
It is possible that in your own home you have furniture and objects that provide a sense of stability. We tend to use mainly rectangles, squares and horizontal lines in general. However, there are other possibilities that are also interesting to know about.

The fact that we introduce decorative resources of irregular design can be a very strong contrast. The most important thing is that the shapes are counterbalanced, with the stable ones dominating and the irregular ones appearing only anecdotally. Moreover, it is better not to have too many of them.

3 – Fruit everywhere

Fruit is a decorative element that returns every summer to add fun touches to summer parties. From bowls stamped with lemon slices to pool floats in the shape of a slice of watermelon. However, this time around fruit is making a much more stylised comeback in elements such as illustrations and photographs to decorate the walls.

4 – Nostalgia when decorating

The return of 90s and 2000s fashion has brought a huge wave of nostalgia where iconic elements from those decades are making a comeback and becoming favourites for many. From art pieces featuring old cartoon characters to tables constructed from giant LEGO block pieces, nostalgia is playing an important role in new interior design trends.

Like a canvas, when it comes to introducing vintage or retro décor, the base colour used is white or off-white. Pastel shades of wallpaper, which are a reference within these styles, are also often used. On the other hand, “when it comes to painting the canvas” with accessories and furniture, bright colours or pastel shades are usually used.

5 – Personalised art

The most important of the new summer interior design trends is to have fun and that means personalising the space, which is why personalised art is gaining popularity. From artistic posters re-purposing an album cover to animated portraits, art is taking a much more fun turn and moving away from the typical decorations found in shops, giving a much more personal touch to the home.

A little bit of everything

Maximalism is one of the most important trends being incorporated into decorations this summer 2022, but this doesn’t mean you have to change your style completely. The most important thing about the new trends is to adapt your home and personalise it, so you can add little touches of colour or simply change the surface decorations of your home without the need to renovate the whole space, so small decorations such as candle holders and plant pots are some of the favourites to start that desired change.

6 – Out-of-the-ordinary prints

From wallpaper to wallpaper to armchair textiles, prints are making a big comeback this season. The most important thing about this trend is to use it to give dimension and originality to spaces, as well as breaking away from solid colours to give them a different and fun touch.

Accents of colour

Although coloured walls and patterned furniture are becoming favourites, colour accents are also playing an important role, so you can transform your space and add a couple of colour accents to welcome summer in the best way.

7 – Reflections of light

Nothing says summer like sun reflections, showing that it’s time to get out in the sun and relax. That’s why sun catchers, holographic finishes and disco balls are becoming the season’s favourite accessories. So are the little stained glass windows that fill homes with colour when they catch a ray of sunshine.

8 – Giving new life to old

Recently the trend of buying old, cheap furniture and giving it a new lease of life is revolutionising the way homes are furnished. But with the arrival of summer, going for used furniture and decorative items and modifying them with paint, play dough and even new upholstery is becoming the pastime of many, making it one of the biggest trends of the season.

The most important thing about these trends is that, although many are representative of the maximalist style, it should be remembered that they can all be adapted to any style of interior design, thanks to the fact that their main motivation is to open the doors to summer and creativity.
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