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Open-plan space in interior design, a modern concept

From the first industrial lofts converted by visual artists, open spaces have become a synonym of cool modern style. These spaces offer us infinite possibilities for decor, as they have some unique features.
Typically, this type of space requires the skills of a decorator to distinguish the different areas and functions without fixed internal divisions, and it is vital to choose all the elements well: shelf units, sofas, screens and panels can divide different areas and give the space the warmth and personality it needs.
Meanwhile, selecting and planning the materials used in the house is of fundamental importance, as these can create both warmth and a feeling of spaciousness: a beautiful wooden vaulted ceiling, for example, not only makes the space unique, but improves the quality and reach of the light.
An open-plan space is certainly a fantastic option for an interior design and haute décor project, providing a great deal of flexibility and a range of possibilities to stimulate the imagination. The photo below, from the B-Green collection, is a clear example of how spaces can be defined by the placement of furniture and rugs.

An open space is a unique opportunity to delight your guests.

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