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The importance of lightning at home

The importance of lightning at home. In today’s Mobile Design post, we want to tell you about the important role that light and lighting play in our homes. Adding a light point in a strategic place can visually add meters of spaciousness to our rooms. In addition, light influences our mood, so it is key to decorate a study, a dining room or a room following different guidelines. Neither the same lamp nor the same light temperature will serve us for one place as for another.

Light is essential, we already know that. But even more, if it is your home. If you are going to buy a house soon, surely you have always heard the advice to “make it light”, but perhaps you do not give it such importance because you do not know the benefits it has. That is why, on the occasion of the purchase of your new house, or the reform of it, we tell you how important it is that the light reaches all the rooms so that your great decision is oriented to it.

For a healthier life, good lighting is essential in the home since, among other things, it reduces stress. Colors and luminosity notoriously influence our mood, although many times we do not realize it. It is proven that sadness and depression occurs more in places with less light. Hence, the arrival of summer is always a reason for joy for everyone and that we relate winter to the most ‘off’ days. Feeling comfortable at home is about enjoying a well-lit house, and what better than natural lighting.

We have to know how to make the most of the hours of sunlight to take advantage of natural light. A couple of tips to get the most out of natural light are:

– Choosing the right colors: the range of raw or white colors will enhance the light in the home. A feeling of spaciousness will be achieved.

– Choose the right finishes and accessories: if you are thinking of changing the furniture, that these be with lacquered finishes, satin multiplies the feeling of brightness and clarity.

As we told you at the beginning, in today’s Post of Mobile Design, we will tell you about the benefits of having a good light in homes. In addition, we will give you some tips that will ensure that you get the atmosphere you want in your home.

The importance of lighting in the home

First, we need to make a brief distinction between the different types of light out there.

– General lighting: it is the main light that enters our house. That is why it is important to have several sources of this type of light.

Spot lighting: as the name itself indicates, it is the light used to light specific areas of our room. Like the table, the bed, the nightstand …

Decorative lighting: is what we use to highlight specific details such as furniture, paintings, plants …

Light plays a very important role in the world of decoration. If there is good lighting, we can highlight the dimmer environments. Or, give another touch to the layout of your house by winning in depth. It is true that in larger houses we can generate a feeling of greater spaciousness. However, as we will see, it is not necessary to have large spaces or live in large places to get the best lighting. Having good lighting brings many benefits to your home. Next, we will explain what they are and what they consist of.

Feeling of spaciousness

Good light helps this “amplifier” effect, as opposed to shady areas. You can attenuate or enhance decorative effects to make the environment more pleasant.

A neutral and pastel tone will make your home brighter. By contrast, dark colors will dwarf spaces. If you do not put them in strategic places, it is not recommended.

Depth in your home

Light can also give depth to your home environments. That is why the distribution of objects, furniture and the artificial light bulbs themselves is so important.

A tip that will make you win in depth is to illuminate the home in a different way depending on the space you are in. It is best to put white light in the bathroom and kitchen, and warm light in the rest of the house.

Gain space

Apart from giving a feeling of spaciousness, you get very bright spaces and you can gain skillful meters in your home. This feeling of spaciousness will allow you to create new environments. You can install other spaces according to our needs, such as a children’s playroom, an office, a dining room …

Feeling of warmth

Natural light provides that warmth that we seek so much in the coldest months of the year. However, not only with natural light we achieve this effect, therefore, we can achieve that warmth without natural light, placing candles or lamps in strategic places, gaining light and giving a personal and intimate touch to our space.

Economic savings

With good natural lighting inside the house you can save on the electricity bill. This is a long-term benefit as it extends the life of the bulbs. The location and design of the windows is important to give the feeling of natural light for a longer time. That is why we have to choose, as far as possible, the best orientation, taking into account the climate and the location of the house.

Improved mood

It is important not to forget that a good light improves the mood and reduces the stress of the inhabitants of the house. Generally, we are not aware of the power that light has in our daily life. This is the reason why the depressions increase in the places with less hours of sunshine per day. Likewise, mood improves with good weather or on clear days.

Now we can see the importance of lightning at home, any modification in lighting can change the general appearance of any room and can be used to achieve different decorative effects in a space. Do you want us to help you bring that touch of light into your home? Get in touch with us, we are looking forward to helping you.


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