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The challenge of decorating a neutral style children’s room

The challenge of decorating a neutral style children’s room. From our renovation and interior design studio in Marbella we believe that it is possible to achieve a unisex children’s room that is neither bland nor boring.

Gone are the days of pink and blue. In recent seasons we have seen how more and more parents and grandparents are opting for a more neutral style for their children’s rooms.

How to decorate a children’s room in a neutral style

Trends change, also when it comes to children’s rooms. Therefore, a big part of our work as an interior design studio in Marbella is to keep abreast of the latest developments and trends that, in one way or another, can have an impact on decoration and interior design. Decorating perfectly viable children’s rooms for boys or girls is one of them. Get to know some of the tricks we take into account to achieve it.
Enjoy with colours. You have an almost infinite range of colours. Forget the dilemma of choosing pink and pastel blue and go for other colours. Choose from green, yellow, grey, beige… You have enormous possibilities!
Opt for furniture with straight lines, but not boring. Avoid overloaded furniture with floral decorations. Opt for simpler furniture and, also, much more grateful with the passage of time.
Enjoy choosing wallpaper, curtains or blinds. These will create unique atmospheres, so why not take advantage of it in a children’s room? However, try to choose more neutral prints such as motifs generated from geometric shapes.
Incorporate elements less related to boys and girls. If you want to enrich your future baby’s room, you can incorporate a brass mirror, a bamboo coat rack or even include photo frames without children’s motifs. This will help you to have decorative elements that are not biased towards the sex of the youngest members of the household.
Go for a decorative style. Before buying anything for your baby, look for inspiration and focus on a style to avoid falling into furniture or elements that are too much related to boys or girls.
Enrich the decor with textures. If you think the room is too bland, you can enrich the room with textures. Whether it is long pile carpets or wall elements, or even chairs and armchairs with a more special fabric.

Create a pleasant and practical children’s room

Opting for a children’s room with a neutral style may be a matter of taste, needs or preferences. In any case, you should never lose sight of the fact that the little ones’ room will be a space where they will spend a lot of time. Their room will be their refuge for resting, playing and, when they are older, for studying.
For this reason, our recommendation as an interior design studio in Marbella is that creating a functional and practical room is one of your main objectives. In this way, you will be sure to decorate a room in which your little ones will feel at ease. Likewise, at Mobile Diseño, achieving functional homes is always one of the main issues that we take into account in the interior design projects in Marbella that we carry out.

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