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Terraces’ reform: The guide to choose the best floor

Good weather is here thus we feel like spending more time enjoying our terrace or garden and it is in moments like this when we realize that they need a reform. Bringing fresh air to the outdoor space of your house will allow you to fully enjoy them and the climate of the Costa del Sol.

Once the decision to reform our terrace is made, the decision-making begins. Keep in mind that, before selecting the furniture and decoration, the most important thing is to choose a floor that is functional, resistant and decorative. There are countless materials and types of flooring for the exterior of your home, for this reason, as a company specialized in reforms in Marbella, we bring you today the definitive guide to be able to make this difficult decision.

What are the best materials for outdoor floors? 


Wood is one of the favourite materials because it is elegant, warm and comfortable underfoot. The most used for terraces are the tropical ones, since they are tougher and more resistant and do not change colour over time.

However, this material requires more care than others and its maintenance must be continuous.


It is a practical and aesthetic solution for outdoor floors. Its main advantages are resistance, that they are easy to maintain and offer a large number of finishes and textures.

When choosing this material, you should pay attention to its degree of non-slip, since if you live in humid areas or have access ramps it will be more comfortable to use with a grade 3 (high).


Among the most common natural stone floors are slate and quartzite, as they are resistant, durable and waterproof.

These floors are difficult to lay and need your terrace to be prepared to support their weight. They have a long durability and do not require much maintenance (with the exception of marble).


Polished concrete is a resistant option that is easy to maintain and provides a modern touch. It is used for both interior and exterior floors and thanks to its polished finish they offer a flat and shiny surface.

However, its biggest disadvantage is that it can be slippery due to its polishing.

Tips for choosing a type of floor 

Now that you know the materials that are presented as an option and what their advantages and disadvantages are, we leave you with some tips that will make you opt for one or the other:

  • Evaluate the space you have and what material best fits your lifestyle, maybe that floor you saw in a decoration magazine doesn’t quite fit your outdoor space.
  • When in doubt, always choose the most functional. If you are between two options, think about which one has more advantages of the two, leaving aesthetics behind.
  • Think about the colour, because light colours will make your terrace look larger and larger. While if it is a dark colour it will require more maintenance.
  • A floor in a neutral tone may seem bland, but you can bring it to life with furniture, plants and decoration. However, if it is more striking, you should have a more minimalist decoration.
  • Remember to have experts, not only for installation, but also to help you with decision-making.


Now that you have read this guide to choosing a floor, are you ready to start your exterior renovation project? At Mobile Diseño we are experts in home renovations in Marbella, so if you tell us what your idea is, we can make it a reality and advise you throughout the process so that you can enjoy your terrace this spring.

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