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Turnkey projects: The solution you need to renovate your home

What is a turnkey project?

A turnkey project in construction is the one that is agreed with a specialized company that undertakes to take care of all the project processes, with a fixed price and certain time frames. In other words, the client commissions a work or reform of their house and will not have to worry about anything until the keys are handed over.

The objective of this type of project is to simplify contracting, so that the client only has to coordinate with one contractor and not with different professionals. This makes this type of agreement useful for people with no time, who do not live near the construction zone or who have little knowledge about the sector.

Which are the advantages of turnkey projects?

This type of projects not only has the benefit that the client can completely stop worrying about the entire construction process, as we said before, but it also presents many others, which we will see below:

1. Saving time and effort

Only one company is in charge of the entire project, so the communication will be more fluid and agreed delivery times can be met, since it has everything that is necessary to develop the project without having to hire a third party or carry out request for bids.

2. Cost savings

In the project creation phase, a closed budged is agreed between the company and the client. As a single company conduct all the procedures, costs are more controlled and unpleasant surprises that alter the final budget can be avoided.

3. Better quality of materials and finishes

Turnkey project companies often have agreements with suppliers of quality materials and equipment, which translates into a higher quality final result.

4. Just one contact

By having a single person in charge of the project, the client does not have to coordinate different suppliers and can solve any problem or doubt directly with the contracted company.

5. Greater tranquillity

By not having to worry about the details of the project, the client can enjoy greater peace of mind throughout the process, knowing that the work will be completed by the agreed date, without delays and within the agreed budget.

Trunkey projects in Marbella and Costa del Sol

At Mobile Diseño we have a team of professionals with wide experience in the sector that includes decorators, architects, interior designers and consultants. All of them are trained to work hand in hand with you in order to understand your needs and create a customized solution for your project.

Among our services turnkey projects are included, with which we take care of all the design, planning and construction, giving our clients the freedom to focus on their other priorities. No matter where you are, we will be in contact with you at all times to be able to inform you of how the project is progressing so that when you return you can enjoy your completely renovated home.

Are you thinking about carrying out a turnkey project and don’t know how to start? Communicate with the Mobile Diseño team and we will advise you as soon as possible.

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