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Television in the bedroom. In favor or against it? How and where to put it?

Having a TV in the bedroom always generates a lot of controversy and debate. There are those who are in favor of putting a television in the bedroom and those who believe that this option is harmful to sleep and rest. But the reality is a little different and if not most, many homes have more than one television, one of them installed in this room.

Having a television in the bedroom is one of those little – big luxuries of the 21st century. And it is that getting into bed to watch a movie or a series while we fall asleep, is a great pleasure. The key is where and how we place the television both to see it perfectly, and to fit the bedroom in the purest aesthetic and decorative sense.

In today’s post, we bring you proposals so that television fits perfectly into your bedroom, whether it is in a leading or more secondary way.

Hanging or supported?

A matter of space. If you have a few meters, the best option is to hang the TV on the wall, since it does not take up space. Choose the anchors well so that they do not fall and… don’t let the cables cross you! To hang it, the easiest thing is to do it with fixed supports, but there are tilting ones or with an arm to be able to separate it from the wall, and even with a remote control.

The next step to consider is distance. How to get it right? At Mobile Diseño, we help you, every 10 ”of the screen requires 50 cm of separation from the sofa or, in our post today, to bed. So now, we only need to calculate:

  • 30 inches equals a distance of 1.50 m
  • 45 inches equals a distance of 1.80 m
  • 50 inches equals a distance of 2.25 m

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And the perfect height?

Very simple: make sure that the center of the screen is at eye level.

And now we ask ourselves, where do we have to put the TV so that we do not have reflections with natural light? The television should always be perpendicular to the windows, never opposite, because natural light then creates uncomfortable reflections and the image loses a lot of quality. Even some experts recommend that the light come right from behind the TV…

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - gde razmestit i na kakoj vysote ustanovit televizor v spalne

Once the technical aspects turned out, we got to the decorative part. Where do we put the TV so that it looks good aesthetically?

  1. On the wall: Televisions are usually suspended on the wall, but we also have the option of embedding it directly in it, so that the cables are completely hidden, as well as the volumes of the television itself. Integrated but imposing.
  2. If for you TV is one of the jewels at home, there are solutions that integrate them into the decoration. One option is to insert it into a large custom-made cabinet, which wraps around it and includes storage space around it.
  3. Another possibility is to place it using a separating wall, where it will have its own hole.
  4. A very popular option is to place the television on the sideboard.
  5. Another idea is to have a piece of furniture at the foot of the bed that hides it as a footstool. When you do not want to watch TV, it is stored and hidden without occupying a real space in the room.

If you have not yet decided, you have doubts and you want us to help you, contact us, through our phone, social networks or visiting our store. We will be happy to help you.


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