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Staycation – How to create a resort in your own garden.

We give you the trendy keys to make your garden a paradise that you won’t want to leave, not even on holiday. Is your house falling down on you?

Who hasn’t experienced it, in the course of the year there comes a time when we are all counting down the days to take our long awaited holidays again. Now we ask you, what if we could offer you the possibility of feeling like you are on holiday in your own home on a permanent basis?

A good creative team, a budget adjusted to your needs and the magic will work, we can turn your own garden into a real private resort, where you can get lost and enjoy… without leaving your home! without leaving your home! Just give Mobile Diseño Marbella a call!

What we are telling you is real and has a name. The new phenomenon of staycation, going on holiday while staying at home, is the new demand in decoration that is causing a furore all along the Costa del Sol.

We present you some of the best ideas proposed by the decoration experts we are currently working with and that will convince you to change the transformation of that space that until now has not convinced you, that has not caught your attention, that you have not fallen in love with.

Knowing how to light a garden correctly is fundamental. Thanks to the lighting it becomes a special area, it also provides the visibility and security required for the home.
Garden lighting is important, as it enhances the appearance and enriches the environment. In addition to its aesthetic role, lighting is essential to the functionality of the outdoor space.

To light your garden correctly it is necessary to achieve a balance between light and shade. Outdoor lighting must be treated as it deserves. Firstly, a tailor-made project must be created to adapt to each space, responding to the needs of the space.
Next, the area to be illuminated must be taken into account, that is to say, the most important areas of the garden must be highlighted. Decoration always goes hand in hand with lighting, and in the garden it helps to design a functional space that is predisposed to enjoyment.
In gardens, outdoor lighting can be of two types:

Functional lighting is necessary to ensure a habitable space when there is no natural light. The paths, the patio, the swimming pool, the main entrance, the terrace… In short, the inhabited spaces of the garden must be correctly illuminated. In this way, individuals can move safely throughout the outdoor space.
In addition, when installing lighting in the garden, it should be taken into account that not all areas need the same intensity. For example, the swimming pool needs lower intensity than the barbecue area. For functional lighting, the use of LED technology is recommended to reduce energy consumption.


Scenographic lighting for gardens is in charge of lighting specific and important elements to highlight them. For example, trees, walls, fountains, etc. For this type of exterior lighting, light and shadow games are usually used. This type of lighting also includes decorative lighting, such as benches, sculptures or vases. Example of this type of light in a garden:

You can put some hanging lamps in the trees or even on your pergola or porch roof and create a magical environment. Imagine how easy it can be to relax on your favourite outdoor furniture in this beautiful and enchanting atmosphere, full of lights, reflections and the shadows of the night.


Luxury resorts always tend to choose a theme.

It can be tropical, Mediterranean, or mimic patterns from an exotic culture. The idea is to make the space look coherent.


Unfussy and compositional freedom
The new perennial trend will take over in 2022, and is here to stay for a long time. It consists of not implementing corseted patterns, but creating gardens with a more spontaneous, fresh and natural aesthetic. They offer a somewhat wild and highly authentic image.
In addition, another basic concept in new perennial landscaping is that the garden should look beautiful all year round and the changing seasons should be noticeable in the garden. An easy way to do this is, for example, by planting deciduous trees.

The first thing to consider when designing an outdoor room is the space available, its dimensions and characteristics, whether it is a patio, a garden or a terrace. Then, the most important thing is to define the objectives we want from the beginning: if we are thinking of an area to relax and be quiet, a place to sit and read, a space to meet with friends or family, if we need an area to eat or have breakfast, or even a bathing or swimming pool area.

Once we are clear about the functionality we want to take advantage of your outdoor space, it is time to turn it into a spacious and luminous place by following certain guidelines for zoning, flooring, materials, vegetation, lighting and furniture.

These new configurations will allow you to enjoy your garden in more situations and make the most of it.

In decoration, sometimes a small touch can make a huge difference.

If you have a pool you can incorporate a couple of simple items and turn a basic pool into a pool worthy of a luxury resort.

A couple of nice sun loungers, some pretty parasols or just some comfortable and decorative outdoor cushions can completely change the look of the pool area. Create a colourful line by combining cushions, towels and some decorative elements and get ready to see the result.

Dare to renew some of the elements of the sunbathing area and you will see how you have turned your pool into a different place, updated and with personality.


Putting in some plants that continue the theme of your terrace helps to finish off a stunning result.

You don’t need to buy lots of different plants, nor do you need to be an expert in botany or gardening.

Don’t buy a bunch of small, different plants that will look lost on the porch or terrace in the first place.

More often than not, a few simple but generously sized green plants can create a total change in the atmosphere of the place.

Create repetition rather than variety – it’s not an orchard – and remember the great classic mono-specific gardens and patios and the sense of peace and balance they convey.

Let nature invade your place.

A running watercourse has two effects. Firstly, it invades the space with a relaxing and fresh feeling. Secondly, the sound masks other disturbing noises in the environment.

If you value peace and quiet, you’d be surprised what a simple fountain can do for you.


At Mobile Diseño Marbella, as a design studio and experts in space decoration, furniture and integral reforms, we carry out projects for the most demanding clients. We build turnkey design projects and integral reforms working with the most exclusive national and international firms. Our aim is to always ensure the highest quality standards in all our decoration projects.
We also invite you to discover in our Marbella Interior Design Studio the art of decoration, contact us and let’s start to give life to that room you have always dreamed of, whether it is exterior or interior.

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