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Rise of outdoor spaces

If there is one thing that is clear to us living in Marbella, it is the importance of outdoor spaces with the arrival of the good weather. It doesn’t matter if it is a small garden or a porch. In other cases, the terraces and balconies are conditioned to become one of the most valued rooms in the home.

Requests for interior design reforms in Marbella are different perhaps to other parts of Spain.  Terraces, porches or gardens have become versatile spaces in which to enjoy the outdoors, whether it be a good read, a delicious meal or simply a place to rest and relax.

5 ways to use outdoor space in your home

Our Marbella interior design studio, Mobile Diseño, has been the subject of several requests, all with the same objective: how to make the most of outdoor space. However, there is no single answer. Every space, every home and every family is different, and has different needs. However, there is a common element: the desire to make any type of outdoor space a pleasant, useful and practical place in which to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house.

Relaxation space. It is indisputable that outdoor spaces, whether a porch, a terrace or a garden, are designed for rest and relaxation. The size does not matter when it comes to setting up a small corner, however small it may be, for rest or activities such as reading, enjoying a cup of coffee or simply feeling the air on your face.
The perfect place for an urban vegetable garden. Any outdoor space is suitable for enjoying the benefits of having a small vegetable garden in your own home. Watching aromatic plants grow, planting lettuce or even strawberries are just a few examples of how you can have your own plants in a very small space.
A place to eat. If there is one activity par excellence worthy of a porch, terrace or even a balcony, it is to enjoy a delicious meal, breakfast or, why not, dinner. The key is to choose furniture adapted to the available space and make the most of this outdoor area.
Exercise space. The luckiest people will be able to exercise outdoors without moving from their home. It is only necessary to set up a small space or, if not available, to be able to remove the furniture and other elements easily during each training session.
Play area, as long as it is a safe place for the little ones in the house and, of course, with adult supervision.
Reasons to refurbish a terrace, balcony or porch

Any interior design studio in Marbella, or anywhere else, is aware of the importance of knowing how to make the most of every centimetre of available space to get the most out of the outdoor space, however small it may be.

To do this, knowing the client’s needs, taking into account the rise of outdoor spaces, and the use to which they are going to be put is important. But it is also vital to take into account each and every one of the elements that will shape this outdoor space. The type of flooring, choosing the right paint and colour as well as selecting durable furniture, always relying on brands such as Manutti, but also versatile is the main focus of Mobile Diseño.

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