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Refurbishments with charm by Mobile Diseño – El Molino de Estepona

Refurbishments with charm by Mobile Diseño. Estepona is home to one of the most charming hotels on the coast of Malaga. The Hotel El Molino de Estepona. But in order to become the example of interior architecture for hotels that it is today, it needed a complete refurbishment guided by its owners Marcela and Lars and carried out by Mobile Diseño.

In today’s post we tell you how the refurbishment was carried out in this hotel built on an old water mill to which we have added a modern touch without losing its soul.
Marcela, an architect by profession, had very clear ideas about what she wanted her hotel to be like. To offer affordable luxury accommodation in a tasteful, serene and authentic setting just 4 minutes from the beach and the vibrant town of Estepona. Tailored to the tastes of happy travellers from all over the world. The beautiful old water mill is a perfect base for exploring Andalusia and the wonderful Costa del Sol.

There are two areas that can be distinguished in the interior architecture projects for hotels. We are referring to the private spaces, i.e. the rooms that make up the hotel or country house. And, on the other hand, the public spaces such as the hall, the lounges or the restaurant or dining room where the clients live together during their stay.

Marcela wanted to distribute the square metres that made up the building between private and public facilities in an appropriate way. To do this, they proposed a distribution that differentiated 3 types of equipped and differentiated rooms:

Double rooms, with a double bed or two single beds, some of them with palm tree trunks that rise up to the ceiling, making them a unique room.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - EL MOLINO 032
Deluxe rooms, spacious bedrooms with double or single beds with beautiful private balconies that will give rise to moments of tranquillity and comfort.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - EL MOLINO 076
Rooms with terraces, the most exclusive rooms that will allow guests to disconnect without any problems.

All rooms have unique bathrooms, equipped with antique marble washbasins and baths.
Among the common facilities, where a greater evolution in terms of design is perceived, as these areas not only seek to offer maximum functionality to customers, Marcela guided the Mobile Design Team, to achieve a higher degree of comfort without losing sight of the determining aesthetic component, we made a large living room with fireplace with comfortable armchairs upholstered in yellow, providing, more if possible, this room of prominence. Beautiful gardens with plants and a large swimming pool in the central courtyard.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - EL MOLINO 089Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - EL MOLINO 092Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - EL MOLINO 095
With this integral reform project we tried to achieve Marcela and Lars’ objective.
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