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Reforms. How to enlarge spaces.

Reforms. How to enlarge spaces. At Mobile Diseño we have the premise that not only those who have small homes need to know new decoration concepts to visually enlarge the space. Many large dwellings have extra rooms, also of a smaller size. If one of these is your case, you don’t need to think about big changes, as there are many simple ways that can help a space feel larger.

Light colours for walls

Walls are what define the space. To make your small room look spacious, choose light-coloured paint. White is the best option, but other pastel colours will also help to enlarge the space.

However, if you like strong colours, another way to make it bigger is to paint the smallest part of the room in a bold colour.

Small tiles

Small tiles can help to visually create a larger room. Don’t mix too many different ones, as simplicity will be in your favour.

Don’t add contrast

Don’t use too much contrast when decorating small spaces, use colours that are the same shade to harmonise the space and when mixing, do it in small details.  To add interest to your home, don’t forget to use textures.  When it comes to textiles, use furs and soft fabrics.

Open furniture

Furniture for a small space should be functional, otherwise it’s just taking up space. Use furniture that has storage space, preferably in the form of shelves and glass doors. You can also choose or paint the furniture in the colour of your walls so that it disappears into the decor.

Straight lines

Straight lines are another friend that can’t be missed when decorating small spaces. Don’t use furniture with circular lines, as they give the impression of being heavier. The only exception is a round table, as it has more space for guests and takes up less room in the dining room.


Mirrors reflect artificial and natural light, making a small space look bigger. Use them on walls or mirrored furniture. Don’t use too many of them either, otherwise your house will look like glass.


Keep windows open as much of the time as possible, to create the illusion that the room is larger. Use curtains, but choose ones in the same colour as the wall and of thin fabric. Close them only when you need privacy or at night.

Light flooring

If you can change the floor, feel free to use a light-coloured floor, specifically the same colour as the walls. If this is not an option, then use light-coloured and preferably unpatterned rugs, as they draw the eye to the floor and make the space look smaller.

Small pictures

When decorating the walls, choose small pictures.


As a last rule, make sure you keep your home tidy. Twice a year, or more if you don’t have much space to spare, go through your belongings and remove anything unnecessary. Every day try to keep everything in its place.

Renovations. How to enlarge spaces. If you have any doubts or need help to carry out the changes described above, call us or get in touch via the contact form on our website.

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