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Refurbishing an old house or buying a new one?

Refurbishing an old house or buying a new one? La rehabilitación y reforma de una casa antigua es una opción cada vez más valorada para aquellos que buscan una casa nueva

The rehabilitation and reform of an old house is an option increasingly valued by those who are looking for a new house
How difficult to decide Today we are talking about one of the dilemmas that arise when we want to move into the house of our dreams: reforming an older house and making it to my taste or buying a new one and decorating it from scratch? Each of these choices has its defenders and its detractors, and that is that there are pros and cons associated with the purchase of each type of home. That’s why we’re going to try here to show you some factors that can help you make your decision.

We see it in many television decoration programmes that ask us this eternal question and, let’s be honest, we love to see others debating between two great houses. But when it’s our turn, things change.
One of the options most often considered when buying a new home is to take an old one and renovate it. The truth is that to choose this option you have to weigh up all its pros and cons; although, truly, at Mobile Diseño we assure you that it has many advantages.

Pros and cons of reforming or buying

The before and after

When the decision is in our hands and it is our home that we are talking about, we have to carefully weigh the pros and cons. One of the points in favour of reforming an old house is the satisfaction of seeing “the before and after”. It seems that if we decorate an empty space the final result is not as surprising as seeing the dilapidated and old-fashioned before and the perfect and renewed after. The satisfaction of seeing the change in each room is not comparable to buying something already done.
Buying an old house to renovate is synonymous with creating a house that is completely customised. In this way, you will have free rein to create the spaces as you wish, giving free rein to your imagination.

In this way, you can rearrange the rooms, remove or include rooms, knock down walls to create larger spaces… In short, the house will appear almost like a blank canvas so that you can start building almost from scratch.And not only will you be able to create a tailor-made home in terms of space, but you will also be able to give it that personal touch by getting involved in the decoration. So you can choose the colours that will stand out, how you want the furniture, whether you want coloured walls, how many pictures per room and anything else you can think of.

Without a doubt, it will be a very creative and highly satisfactory process.

The budget

Many times and for obvious reasons, the first thing we think about is the budget. The easiest thing to do is to spend less money changing an old house than buying a new one, but you have to be careful with unexpected events and put yourself in the hands of professionals. From Mobile Diseño we help you from the beginning of the process to know the costs and the budget of the integral reform. We will also show you completed projects and go over the steps to be followed before completely changing your home. It is a great help to know in advance the cost, time, resources and results we can expect from a renovation.

Decorating from scratch

Whether you decide to buy a new home, or decide to reform a house completely from scratch. At Mobile Diseño we also accompany you on the journey of decorating your home. We will help you to create the spaces with the furniture you like and need in every room of your new home. We can also be creative, even if it is only with the details, a bold wall or an eye-catching piece of furniture. The important thing is that it is to your liking.

Other aspects to take into account when reforming a home

The truth is that when reforming an old house, one should not be guided by the advantages alone, but should also evaluate the cons or other “negative” aspects.
In this sense, one of the main negative aspects of a reform are the headaches that this involves: hiring reliable workers, evaluating all the possibilities, accepting that not everything you want is possible, taking into account the budget, asking for licences, carrying out certain procedures, etc.
Likewise, you have to take into account the facilities of the house to be reformed. That is to say, the electricity and water installations, as these will largely determine the possibilities of location and remodelling of certain areas. This should also be known in order to be able to carry out subsequent installations, such as heating, for example.

It is also possible, in these cases, to find construction defects or other types of problems that were not visible a priori. It is then important to assess whether they are very serious or can be easily solved.

At Mobile Diseño we think that, despite everything, renovating an old house is always a good idea if you have a great team behind you. It is a unique opportunity to let your imagination run wild and imbue your whole personality in a home made for you.
However, it is important that, before starting any work, you take into account a series of tips to reform an old house. Next week in our next post we will bring you a new theme ADVICE FOR REFORMING AN OLD HOUSE. It’s pending and don’t miss it!

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