Flat in Calahonda


In this spacious open concept apartment, we have carried out an interior design project that has been designed with the intention of creating a fresh and bright environment that reflects the trends of this spring-summer 2023. To achieve this, we have selected a set of furniture and decoration elements that create a modern and cosy space.

The open concept that unites the living room, dining room and kitchen allows you to make the most of natural light and provides a unique feeling of spaciousness. We have opted for a soft colour palette, with shades such as white, grey and beige, breaking with touches of colour like blue, which is trending. In addition, natural elements, including wood, have been integrated to provide a touch of warmth to the space.

As for the furniture, exclusive pieces have been chosen, to give an example, the dining room table, which combines design and functionality. This belongs to the Ángel Cerdá collection. Or the Aquaria pendant lamps, at the height of the besides tables in the master bedroom, which add a touch of brightness to the room.

Apartamento de concepto abierto, amplitud y luminosidad.
This apartment has an open concept, which joins the living room with the dining room and the kitchen to bring more light to the space.
Espejo en el salpicadero de tu cocina, una forma de integrar tu cocina y salón
The mirror on the splashback adds spaciousness and helps you integrate the spaces.
Sé natural con una relajada paleta de colores neutros mezclados con azules, una tendencia de esta primavera-verano.
For this living room we have follow spring-summer 2023 trends, mixing a neutral colour palette with touches of blue.
Un espacio donde reunir a familiares y amigos
The dining room in this project has been used as a separation between rooms, in this case connecting the living room and the kitchen.
Sin tiradores, cocina con una estética limpia y continua.
Handleless kitchen furniture gives it a clean and much more homogeneous aesthetic.
Un sofá cómodo también puede ser un elemento de diseño en tu casa
We have placed a large sofa in the living room that will allow everyone to enjoy family moments.
Estilo y personalidad en cada detalle.
The Ángel Cerdá round table with glass and walnut-coloured legs. A decorative and functional element.
Tu dormitorio es tu santuario.
For the main bedroom we have used earthy tones to create a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.
Lámparas como elemento decorativo
Aquaria pendant lamps bring a subtle and elegant touch of glow to the room.
LED en el baño para verlo todo con mayor claridad y aportar un toque moderno.
We have used LED lights in the bathroom mirror because they add clarity and a modern touch.
La entradita es la primera impresión que tendrán los invitados de tu casa
As the hall is the first impression that guests have, we have used a wallpaper to create an accent wall.
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