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Our furniture store in Marbella is not simply a place to come and buy furniture, it is much more than that. We are an interior design and decoration studio composed of interior design professionals that provide each space with shapes and colors, making our client’s dreams come true. Innovation, creativity, and design are the pillars we work on, our proposal is for customers to be so satisfied that they are our best prescribers and, of course, come back soon.

Custom interior design
Our job is to transform a space completely, from top to bottom. We work to change the image of each interior according to the needs of the customers and the possible architectural barriers that are in place. Our proposal is to create a new and unique space, something so original and different that customers will be fascinated.
We not only modify private residences, but we also work in businesses (offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.). Our designs are practical as well as emotional, always taking into account the aesthetics, the connection with the public and the wellness of our clients. We create comfortable spaces, but without taking away value from the functionality.

Your interior design studio in Marbella
In Mobile Diseño we want to be a place of reference for those who dream of decoration and interior design and, why not, for all those who want to order their life with a touch of a particular energy. Our secret to highlighting is to follow a series of guidelines carried out by the entire team.

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Pay attention to textures
The texture is essential if you want to achieve something striking since it prevents a space from looking flat. Our advice is always to mix as many as you can, blending them with furniture, carpets, cushions.

Blending colors
Depending on how we choose the colors you can make the house transmit more or less welcome or show the personality of the people who inhabit a space. The combinations are endless and you always have to play between the colors of the walls and the decoration.

Natural light, the protagonist
The greatest desire of any person who faces the process of acquiring a home or office is how much sunlight it will have. But this is a reality that makes us feel better, that the place where we find ourselves shines brighter and seems much happier.

Flowers, many flowers
Flowers can have a great effect on mood. They provide a feeling of closeness to the home and wellness, give off a good smell and give a touch of color to space.

If you need advice for the interior design of your home or business, get in touch with us and our team of interior designers will assist you without obligation and develop your personalized project without any cost.
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