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Mobile Diseño: Summer sales, get the most of our store

Mobile Diseño: Summer sales, get the most  of our store. The wait has been long, but the time has come. Summer sales are here! Joy, emotion, illusion or terror, panic and stress? Or maybe a little bit of everything?

Do not worry, this post is suitable for all audiences, lovers of sales and those who hate them to death. In today’s Mobile Design post we tell you how to take advantage of the sales of our store in a simple, practical and stress-free way.
In addition, we will take a walk through our store and bring you a great selection to renovate your home for little.


As with the measure, Rule # 1 is “The List!, Essential for your sale purchases to be a complete success: Take a pen and paper (for those of a lifetime) or use your Tablet or Smartphone (for the most technological ones ) and make a list of what you need or want to buy these sales. Keep it well and bring it with you when you come to see our store. Although we also tell you that, we have such ideal items, that it is allowed to get off the list and indulge yourself.


Dear internet, thanks for existing and making life happier. In this case, if you are a forecaster, you can visit our website or social networks to make your transfers, so when you come to our store you will already know exactly what you want.


Why fool us, the sales are also to give us the odd whim. Surely during the last months in which we have not been able to get out of our houses too much, you have signed a couple of things that you can not get out of your head. Sales are the ideal time to make your wishes come true.


Take the opportunity to buy classic decorative objects. Just as we always read that a woman’s wardrobe can never miss a white shirt, a bib and a black dress, there are also classics in decoration. Are you not sure which ones? Come to Mobile Diseño, we have the best team to advise you and make sure you don’t miss any.


At Mobile Diseño we are clear that you will be happy with your purchases but, it can also happen that when you get home, you discover that you liked a piece of furniture that you left in our store more than the one that you took with you … Don’t worry, we keep the same policy of exchanges and returns all year.

Shall we walk around Mobile Diseño Marbella together?

We have coffee tables, extensible or auxiliary, for your living room, as well as a dining room or desks of all styles and materials. Combine them with the best wooden, fabric, velvet chairs … Also take advantage of a wide selection of leather or fabric sofas, armchairs or beds. what you want!

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Leave your passionate outbursts for that object, which you would never buy in season, for the time of sales, since it is the time when you will find the greatest discounts and you will not feel ‘guilty’ of getting something that is out of your budget, you do not need urgently or it is an intense summer love.

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This is also the occasion to get hold of some of its most emblematic pieces, such as these spectacular seats with the bottle case. Can you imagine yourself at home taking out a Vega Sicilia, decanting it and sitting placidly here?

“Mobile Diseño: Rebajas de verano, saca el máximo partido a nuestra tienda”
“Mobile Diseño: Rebajas de verano, saca el máximo partido a nuestra tienda”

Can you ask for something more?

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