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Meaning of colour for your room

Meaning of colour for your room. Did you know that each color has its own meaning? And especially when it comes to decoration, so that depending on what you want to convey or the atmosphere you want to achieve, it will be important that you choose one color or another, especially when it is such an intimate place to the bedroom.

Colors can affect our mood, especially when a certain tone is predominant in the environment. Here are some colors according to color psychology as an input and I can help you decide which one you could apply in your room.

There is much written about the way in which the colors of our bedroom influence when it comes to resting correctly. It is said that soft colors help us to relax and transmit the necessary serenity to sleep and that dark or intense colors, on the contrary, can get us brand new. But isn’t this too basic a conclusion? At Mobile Diseño we think that if you have chosen that color it is because it conveys what you need at that moment, because it goes with your personality and because you like it. So how can that influence this negatively?
In fact, being the most intimate space in the house, it is important that we always paint the walls or choose the bedding or decorative elements in those colors that we like. But in addition, it will always be good for us to know what meaning or what to convey each and every one of the colors that are most often seen in bedrooms.

White: White is a timeless color that helps us feel clarity in the mind, It is the purest tone of all, it adds freshness and peace in the room. Ideal to apply on the walls of the room especially when they are small. They add natural light, perfection and self-control. Identified as the color of hygiene and for those seeking new beginnings.

Dormitorio blanco

Black: can be used to add elegance and rigor to the bedroom, and is perfect when combined with neutral colors and few contrasts. Too much black, however, shrinks the rooms and eliminates the light, it is better to limit yourself to the details or have a bedroom where a lot of natural light enters.

Gray: If you choose this color for your bedroom, you can rest in a neutral bedroom as far as energy is concerned. It is a color that also transmits seriousness so that it is the color that is usually chosen for many double bedrooms.

Blue: Blue gives us the feeling of peace and relaxation. It is the color of trust, loyalty, honesty. Represents inner security. Blue is said to lower blood pressure and decrease the frequency of your heartbeat and breathing. That is why it is considered a relaxing color and is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Be careful though: the color blue can become particularly unpleasant and cold when little natural light enters the room. If you go for blue as your main color, balance the cool of the tone with warm tones for furniture and fabrics.

Dormitorio azul

Green: Green is considered the best color to relax the eyes. As a result of the combination of blue and yellow, green is a suitable color for almost every room in the house, but in the case of painting the walls of your bedroom in this color, you will notice its calming effect. It is believed to relieve stress.

Red: A color full of energy, it is dynamic and welcoming. Small doses of red in the room will be enough to bring the necessary life and shine. Excess red color can cause irritability, increase blood pressure and respiratory rate, it is a color that encourages action. It is not recommended to apply it to people suffering from insomnia.

Dormitorio rojo

Yellow: A cheerful and stimulating warm color. Lighter yellows make rooms look bigger and brighter. It helps promote new ideas and can help us find new ways to solve our problems. It is the best color to create enthusiasm for life, awakening optimism.

Orange: It is a color that promotes conversation, it is social, warm and welcoming.
Being an energetic tone, it gives us emotional strength in difficult times, as it promotes self-confidence.
Pink: The favorite color of girls. Represents sensitivity and love. A feminine tone that reminds us of childhood, sweetness.

Do you already know what color you want your bedroom? Do you still have doubts? At Mobile Diseño we will be happy to help you according to your tastes and personality. You just have to call us or send us an email and we will get to work with you.


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