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A special light for every kind of weather

It’s May, the month of flowers, festivals and evening parties!! Now the weather here is so enjoyable, it’s the ideal time for holding outdoor events, and that means lighting with properly certified safety standards, such as this example by the Italian company Massiero

A classic design for more traditional homes. It’s designed especially for exterior use in any weather conditions, even rain!

If you prefer the modern style of a chill-out, you might choose light-up furniture – the decorative effect is extremely original!

These dual-purpose pieces light the space and furnish it at the same time! You can also change the colour of the LED lights to set the mood for the occasion.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that most Andalusian of materials, clay.  The artistic ceramics of Andalusia include highly decorative outdoor lights.  With their wide range of colours, from dazzling white to vivid cobalt blue, they enliven any home.  Combined with luxury furniture, the result is unique and very special.

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