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Kitchen renovation process with Mobile Diseño

In today’s post we bring you the phases or processes we went through in Mobile Design to carry out a complete kitchen reform. You want to know more? Keep reading and look at the infographic we have created to make it clearer.

We start with:

– Design of the new kitchen based on your tastes, measurements and needs.

Once the design and budget are accepted, we get down to work:

– We disassemble the existing kitchen furniture.

– We proceed to the chopping of tiling and existing flooring.

Chopping of rubbing for electrical and plumbing installations

New plumbing installation or if it is replaced if the distribution does not vary.

Replacement of electrical installation with new wiring and placement of light point.

Preparation of the walls for covering, either tiled or smooth finish.

Tiling of the walls with ceramic coating or perlite finish and paint application.

Flooring of the kitchen floor surface with ceramic coating.

– Assembly and installation of kitchen furniture.

Installation of accessories and household appliances with their electrical and plumbing connections.

But not everything is going to be chop, disassemble and install. Also, when reforming a space it is essential,

  • Know what we can expect, that the space and the original distribution allow us to make the changes we want. All this, at Mobile Diseño, we take it into account when we design, with you, the new kitchen.
  • What life are we going to do in this room and how to facilitate it by distributing the elements (location of sinks, cabinets, space to prepare food, worktop…)
  • What a feeling we want to achieve and transmit to choose the right colors, materials and distribution. If we want to get a lot of light, a relaxing, warm atmosphere, spaciousness … everything influences in order to make the right choices.
  • Expected execution time. To avoid rushing or unnecessarily delaying processes, you have to be very organized and very clear before starting the reform. In this way, actual execution times can be estimated and expectations can be met.

After reading our post, do you still have doubts? Call us and make an appointment with us and we will solve all your doubts.

Proceso de reforma de una cocina con Mobile Diseño
Kitchen renovation process with Mobile Dise

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