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Jacquard fabric in our home

Jacquard fabric is one of the fashion trends of this season, and not only in fashion, but also in decoration. Generally it is a composite fabric with complex patterns. Its name comes from Joseph-Marie Jacquard (Lyon 1752) operator of the French textile industry and inventor of a device that replaced the traditional loom.

Fabrics with textures

Fabrics with tapestries, brocades, apricots, false plains with marked textures … there are many fabrics that the term Jacquard encompasses in the textile world. All of them share complex and elaborate surfaces that add richness to any decorative environment. They are strong and durable fabrics, making them a favorite when used in upholstery.

Despite the fact that today Jacquard fabric can reproduce any type of fabric, what we consider as Jacquard fabric are those that are used to make seat upholstery of high resistance, and strong appearance, with texture and marked patterns

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Resistant fabrics

They are resistant fabrics, so they are suitable for intense use. However, this characteristic feature of Jacquard is also its main weakness when applying it in decoration. Sometimes they are too thick and textured and look very wintry. This is why in Mobile Diseño recommend it for cushions, chairs, sofas or poufs. At Aldeco we can find it in 5 different colors, where the mix of geometric rhythms and stylized lines result in a glamorous effect. Don’t you know which one to choose? Don’t worry, in Mobile design, we can help you choose.


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We help you decide

Aldeco offers us neutral tones, from natural shades or nude brushstrokes or pinkish tones, achieving an effect of enlarging the room, taking advantage of the decoration and multiplying the natural light. If you are looking for a stronger color, then you should choose cherry-colored fabric, which brings you activity, strength, movement and joy. Or the azure blue whose hue is associated with water and air and we can give a Mediterranean touch to our rooms. It’s hard to choose, right? Write us an email and we will help you decide.

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