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The discipline of interior design

Interior design is a discipline which attempts to resolve unplanned interior spaces, or existing spaces which need updating, either because they are out of fashion or because they do not suit new uses and needs.

The main job of the interior designer is to ensure that aesthetics and functionality are not in conflict.

This means the space will be more comfortable, and will be an expression of ourselves, complementing our everyday life rather than being an obstacle we struggle with. Like every discipline, it has its rules, although it is true that design is subjective and there is something for every taste. Just as when we have a pain we go to the doctor, before planning or decorating an interior, whether a restaurant, office, hotel or our own home (even if we are just buying a new dining table), the ideal course of action is to ask an interior designer for advice. This is not just a question of style, there are many factors to be considered. There are questions we need to ask ourselves, and the help of a decorator or interior designer can be very useful when deciding, for example:

If I’m remodelling, I need to decide:

Should I change the layout?

Where do I start?

What floor should I have: parquet, floorboards, marble…?

Should I use wallpaper?

Should I create a ceiling recess?

How should I light the different rooms?

Should I change the positions of the doors?

How do I plan my kitchen?

How can I make the most of my bathroom?

And if I’m decorating:

Which is better, a sofa and two chairs or a chaise longue?

Low pile rug in the dining room and high pile rug in the living room?

Should I build in the cupboards?

It is fundamental to coordinate all the elements which can play a part in an interior, such as lighting, furniture, colours, finishes, decorative details, selecting artwork, etc.

Design and decoration should make our lives easier, so before the task becomes tedious and stressful, we should ask an interior designer to help. It’s their job. And at Mobile Diseño we will be delighted to work with you!

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