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Feng Shui and interior decoration

Feng Shui, which literally means Wind and Water, is based on the existence of a flow of vital energy (Chi), which is affected by the form and use of space, the orientation of objects and changing seasons.

This being the case, not only is the structure of a home and the positioning of its rooms important, but also the placement of its furniture. That’s why we interior decorators make sure to decorate the different rooms of the house in a way that achieves the greatest harmony.

This article focuses on the bedroom, a very important room in the house when it comes to Feng Shui, which puts the greatest emphasis on the spaces in which we spend the most time. We have a few pieces of advice for this space:

  1. The walls should be in soft pastel colours, which encourage good rest.
  2. The bed must not directly lined up with the main door or bathroom door, and the headboard should be against the wall furthest from the door.
  3. There should be no windows or mirrors behind the bed, as this may feel less secure.
  4. Soft, dim lighting is preferable, as it transmits peace and calm.
  5. The number of electronic devices in the bedroom should be reduced to a minimum, especially on bedside tables.
  6. As far as furniture goes, it’s best to keep light furniture and only that which is necessary.

In conclusion, the most important thing in practice is that it’s best to stay flexible and opt for an interior decoration scheme made up of objects and furniture that make you feel comfortable with yourself. After all, each house should show off its own personal spirit!

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