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How to find the perfect dining room table? Do you want to renovate the dining room table but have you reached a dead end? We help you get out of it with some very practical tips.

As we mentioned in a previous post of our blog, choosing the home furniture is not an easy task, there is so much variety that we can get to saturate and buy something that we like or do not meet our needs.

Meeting with family and friends is always a pleasure but, doing it around a table full of delicious recipes is something very ours. Considering that the dining room is the epicenter of these and many other appointments, the choice of furniture is not a bald question.

Among all the pieces that we can incorporate the dining tables demand greater attention. Don’t you know how to find her? Thanks to Mobile Design, we will achieve success in choosing your dining table.

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At Mobile Diseño Marbella we think that one of the first things to consider when meeting your ideal dining table is the style of your home. Usually, each stay has its own personality but all of them share common traits. Choosing the style of the set and, consequently, looking for furniture in line with your decorative concerns is a good starting point.

Think that your table, whether dining, auxiliary or work, will be with you for many years, do not buy the first one you see just because it fulfills its table function (this can be done by any board with 4 legs). We will help you to look, you can stop by our shop of more than 3,500 m2, we are sure that you will find a table that you fall in love with and with which you will be much more comfortable at home.

The first thing you have to do is consider the shape and size of your dining room. If you don’t have many square meters but love meetings around a good table, perhaps it’s best to opt for extendable solutions.

Or maybe you feel a rectangular or round table would fit better there? And while many like round tables because of the flexibility of seats they offer, a rectangular table is always a classic too. Or you can opt for an oval table; it gives you the flexibility of a round table for the seats, while alluding to the classic rectangular shape.


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Last but not least in terms of the size of your dining room and table, keep in mind that you need about a meter (at least) of “white space” along each side of the table. This will give diners enough space to roll back their chair, as well as space to move around the space, even when everyone is seated.

Thinking now about the model that suits your style, and the chosen trend to shape your project, you can choose the mix of materials and give it more personality; if we opt for wood with iron, we will achieve an industrial, vintage, or country result, depending on the aesthetics of the table in question.

If right now you are reading this post and you plan to choose a table is not easy task, contact us, we will help you simplify the process, to fall in love with your table, and you can enjoy it for many years.

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