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The perfect decoration for your holiday apartement

Decoration adapts to any place and time of year. Right now we’re imagining a comfortable summer apartment where we can enjoy the good weather, forget the cold and feel we are in a homespun idyll.

Holiday apartments need to be governed by certain decorative considerations which will prevent the homely elements from becoming stifling. Creating ample spaces without sacrificing lively colour will be one of our challenges.

First, in line with the trends of 2014, the best choice is a palette of light colours on walls and furniture, such as pastels and/or off white to give that relaxing sensation we’re looking for.

Meanwhile, we can use darker colours in the upper parts of the home: shelves, lamps, frames, etc, and this contrast also gives an impression of more space.

In combination with these the middle to lower part of the apartment can have some brighter pops of colour, as long as the lines are simple and clean. For example, we want to avoid the feeling of claustrophobia these colours can give, so we can set them off with light, almost neutral tones for the floors: beige, off-white, light grey, etc.

To counteract the seriousness of these rooms, we can use furniture with a vintage air: simple designs with small ornamental elements which add elegance.

To summarise, remember to use predominantly light colours and simple designs which do not intrude too much on the feeling of spaciousness. Mobile Diseño can advise you in your choices, as well as helping you express your personal style in your home.

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