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Home Office with Mobile Design is now possible.

Remote working is becoming more and more popular and homes are being fitted out with spaces designed for this purpose. They are areas of concentration, integrated into the interior design project of the house, where there is also room for glamour and the highest decoration.

In addition to the tools we need for each type of task, it is important to select the furniture we will have and the style in which we will decorate our work corner, a style that suits our personality and does not clash too much with the rest of the house. It is possible that we will spend many hours there and we have to surround ourselves with a favourable atmosphere.

Here are five different styles with inspirations to create our own workspace.

1. Industrial style

Gaining popularity in recent years, the industrial style is based on an urban atmosphere, respecting as much as possible the original structures such as columns, high ceilings or brick walls and enhancing them as much as possible.

The key materials in this style are metal, aluminium, bricks, cement or concrete or glass.

Decorative elements, such as furniture or lamps, absorb the vintage style: old metal drawer units, tables with worn and heavy wood, metal tube shelves. And to give a more personal touch, we can add a touch of design, mixing retro and modernity.

2. Vintage style

Vintage is an adjective of English origin used to refer to objects of a certain age but which cannot yet be classified as antiques and which have survived the passage of time at least twenty years since their creation.

Following the rise in popularity of this style, furniture and accessories have been revalued and some are considered authentic relics. They are characterised by the fact that they do not hide their antique or even used appearance, giving them charm and authenticity.

The retro style, on the other hand, imitates the vintage style, but with newly manufactured objects.

3. Nordic style

When it comes to design, the Nordic style is a benchmark and it could not be less in interior decoration.

The Nordic or Scandinavian style conveys naturalness, with nature being the main source of inspiration. The protagonists are light woods such as birch, beech or pine and natural fabrics such as linen or cotton.
In Nordic countries, light is scarce during most of the year, which is why natural lighting is so important when designing their homes. They always use light colours that transmit a lot of light, prioritising white, which should not be missing, but introducing black and greys or emphasising with some brightly coloured objects to give a touch of joy to the long, dark winters.

And as essential complements, candles and candelabras in winter to counteract the lack of light and wild flowers or green plants in summer, inviting the sun to enter all the rooms of the home.

A sober but elegant style, modern and timeless at the same time.

4. Boho Chic

If there is something that defines the boho chic style it is bravery, it doesn’t follow rules or conventionalism. It is a mixture of styles always based on hippie, bohemian, ethnic airs.

To create a boho atmosphere, rugs or kilims, poufs and cushions, tapestries on the walls, dream catchers… all with lots of colour and, preferably, originating and bought on our travels around the world, are essential.

You run the risk of overloading the space too much, but without excesses you can achieve a balance and a perfect mix of styles.

5. Shabby Chic

The shabby chic style has its origins in Great Britain, in the large country houses or cottages that drank from antique furniture that was repainted over and over again giving it a shabby and shabby look (shabby) that today has joined the elegance and distinction (chic).

Without any doubt, the main colour is white, which combines perfectly with pastel tones and neutral tones such as beige or grey. These colours are used to paint the furniture and walls, always seeking an aged patina or stripping them.

Flowers are also very present in all their formats, both natural and in the patterns of the cushions and textiles, giving the room a certain romantic air.

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