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Giorgio Collection

If you are looking for distinction and elegance in the furniture and decoration of your home, Giorgio Collection is certainly an option you will want to consider.

The firm, founded in 1956, works constantly to keep its designs at the cutting edge. It has showrooms all over the world, in such leading cities as Moscow, New York and London, urban settings which showcase the company’s work. It is proud of its creations and delights in presenting them to the public.

The Giorgio Collection brand is known for its pioneering spirit in furniture concepts and design. Its designs have a strongly Italian character, and use a wide range of materials, with particular attention to hand-crafted wood. They know certain finishes can only be produced by hand, and there are master craftsmen in their workshop who monitor the quality of the furniture and give each item a special finishing touch.

Giorgio Collection has a wide range of collections for every taste, using different materials and styles, but all with the characteristics of Italian design, and maintaining their standards of quality, elegance and distinction.

Mobile  Diseño are the exclusive distributors for Giorgio Collectionwith its latest ranges available in our Marbella shops. We also have a great team of professionals who can give you personalised advice on interior design, and finding the right furniture for your home. Come visit and discover the variety of furniture and decoration we can offer. You will be enthralled!

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