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A house with a garden has lots of benefits since it can be used for various entertainment activities, as well as to relax or enjoy nature. In Mobile Diseño Marbella we are very aware that in order take full advantage of the benefits of the garden you need suitable and customized outdoor furniture to create an exceptional experience. We specialize in interior design and decoration and we have a large variety of Italian design furniture to transform your terrace into a unique space. Would you like to know what are the latest garden furniture trends? Keep reading this post.

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Garden furniture

This year color is crucial to achieve a beautiful and pleasant garden. We like vibrant colors that bring vitality and joy to the space. But we can not ignore neutral colors, which we use for relaxing furniture, such as chairs, hammocks or loungers. We also use vivid colors for accessories such as plants, cushions or decorative elements. The variety of combinations is endless, in our Marbella showroom we have many different furniture styles on display to choose from with the help of our design specialist advisers

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Garden furniture in our Marbella shop

We have already talked about colors, but another trend that is fashionable this year is mixing rustic with ethnic elements, and also exotic with natural ones. At Mobile Diseño Marbella we specialize in combining different materials and styles. For this purpose we use wood as our main material, and for the ethnic touch we use manufactured elements or natural fiber materials such as rattan. Wood is timeless, it never goes out of style, and for both floors and furniture it will always be your best ally. The wooden tones combine well with colorful plants to create a natural and pleasant environment.

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The best choices for your gardens outdoor furniture

The Italian designer furniture that we work with is not only functional but also original. Our main focus is always high quality, innovation and luxury. But we also emphasize on elegance, modern styles and, of course, prestigious brands. A special type of glamour , achieved with a perfect balance between the classic and the contemporary.
In Mobile Diseño Marbella we have a selection of different styles of Italian design outdoor furniture that will transform your garden into a luxurious space, and perfectly meets the standards of quality and functionality. We are passionate about Italian design because it reinvents the classics, renewing them and giving them a new look, mixing vintage with modern finishes. But, undoubtedly, the essence of your space is provided by the customization and exclusivity of unique designed elements by our experts. If you want to see all our collections you can visit us at the following address:

A7 – Km. 189.5, 29604 Marbella, Málaga

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