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The sunny weather is coming, so it’s time to enjoy our garden or terrace. Now it´s time to recondition it in order to enjoy this nice weather. Having a garden is wonderful, above all if you have it perfectly suited to your needs and that is a pleassure very easy to get.

The outside of the house is the perfect place to share time with the family, especially in a place like Marbella, where the weather it´s magnificent. Why we shouldn’t have this spaces decorated in our style? And in this article we are not only talking about plants .

Garden furnitures aren’t ugly objects that you are forced to put on your outward. There is a belief that outdoor furniture is less elegant or have less quality than inside furniture, however that statement is far from the thruth. In this article we will analyze in depth this point.

We will give you some tips to make a successful garden furniture choice, so you can get the most out of the fine weather at home:

7 tips to choose your garden furnitures

  • Make plans: There’s nothing more exciting than taking a piece of paper and a pen, and start writing what you want to your garden. Maybe an outdoor sofa? Or two, one of them smaller? Ceiling or standing lamps? Have you thought about putting some kind of seesaw? Let your imagination flow. In the future you will be able to strike out things less important or useless, but now it’s time to dream.
  • Fine-tune the areas: The outer space may have as much areas as the interior. Just because we have a garden or a terrace, doesn’t mean that we are only going to enjoy it as an environment. A good option it’s separate the space in 2, one to enjoy meals or snacks and another one where you might sunbathe or lie down to rest.
  • Continuity with the interior: the decoration of the garden should not be isolated from the rest of the house decoration. Quite the opposite: there should be a continuity between the interior and exterior furniture. If we have chosen an interior design style based on brown colors, or modern furniture, or rustic style … we should try to give a equality to the whole house, decorating the garden following the same parameters.
  • Lightweight but resistant materials. The garden furniture suffers a lot and need to be conditioned to withstand the inclement weather. Today we can find very resistant and elegant materials designed for outdoor, but  in turn they aren´t heavy, and allow us to move it around the space, and even save it easily. We speak of natural fiber furniture, noble wood …
  • Quality furniture: this is an important point, because the garden furniture is under the inclemency of the weather. In Marbella we are fortunate because we have many sunny days along the year, but Mobiledis have customers from all latitudes, so we have a wide catalogue of outdoor furniture that includes those that are prepared to face the rainiest of climates.
  • Comfort first: don´t forget that the garden furniture should be comfortable and functional, allowing us to enjoy long moments during the sunny days. Something beautiful isn’t always a synonym of comfortable, therefore you have to know the market well, prioritizing comfort, without forgetting to use the most aesthetic furniture and in accordance with the general decoration of the garden. For this, it is also important to choose the right type of furniture; the garden sofas are optimal for both gardens and terraces, as well as hammocks or pouffes.
  • Maintenance is important: it is as important to make a good purchase as it is to keep your garden properly, as far as furniture is concerned.The best furniture, of the best quality, if they aren´t well cared for, tends to deteriorate over time. To carry out a supervision of the state of the varnish is usually a good practice if we want the furniture to last longer.

If you are thinking about changing your garden furniture, let yourself be advised by Mobile Design. Our professionals will develop a personalized decoration project achieving the most elegant and functional result. Visit us and be amazed by the most exclusive brands in outdoor furniture … we are waiting for you!

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