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We might have heard of the Shaker style many times, but we do not know what it really means. In this post we will describe this peculiar style´s characteristics, which you can find in the showroom of our Marbella shop.

Simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship, you are probably familiar with these terms, right? Well, these are the main features of the shaker style. The best way to adapt your home to these new trends is to apply the details that will make it more comfortable, functional and above all, that will fit your lifestyle.


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The Shakers were one of the many Utopian sects that migrated to the New World at the end of the 18th century. Their priorities were: simplicity, craftsmanship, order, cleanliness and utility; resulting in light and easy to transport furniture with an austere design.

Today many of the elements and decorative features that this group used in their struggle for austerity have become a trend.


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Since the style is very sober, it fits perfectly in smaller homes, where functionality and comfort are essential. However if you are lucky enough to have a large house, then this style will work just as well and will turn your home into a haven of peace for you and your loved ones.


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The shakers felt a special fondness for color tones that could be found in nature. Gray stone, blue sky or aquamarine were very characteristic, as well as terracotta or ocher.
White was harder to get for them and therefore more expensive, so it was used for meeting places. Because of the high cost of the paint, they produced it with materials that were easier to get, like milk. Resulting in a smooth and silky finish with a unique color depth.

With these tones they transmitted peace and serenity that brought order, balance and harmony in their decoration.


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This group designed their furniture with extreme care. Guided by functionality and simplicity, therefore we see no impractical ornamentations.


Shakers believed that decoration was unnecessary and that each object should have a function. Its premise was order and the creation of multi-functional spaces.
Craftsmanship and the use of natural materials is an essential part of their style.


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If you have fallen in love with this style or have another in mind for your next decoration project, get in touch with our team of interior design professionals who will attentively and personally advise you.

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