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Do you know why it is so important to add plants in the decoration?

Do you know why it is so important to add plants to the decoration of our homes, especially in work areas? At Mobile Design we are aware of the value of plants, as they are capable of ‘lifting’ an anodyne atmosphere, giving a touch of joy to any corner, purifying the air so that we live better… But as well as looking for the right species, you need to know how to place them, where to place them and in what container.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that plants are a very important decorative element in any home, as they bring joy and freshness to all rooms. But apart from their importance from an aesthetic point of view, there are other benefits that plants usually bring to the whole of the home and which it is important for you to know about.

We will first start by telling you why plants are important when it comes to decorating your home and work area, and then we have prepared a manual, to design your interiors around plants and make them look stylish.

Aesthetic importance

The aesthetic importance, that is, the importance of plants in decoration, and in the home today is totally unquestionable. A natural plant can make a room look like another one that is totally different from one that lacks plants. In the event that you do not have much time to look after them, there is always the option of placing an artificial plant that helps to give another colour and style to the room in question.

Do not limit yourself to placing them in areas such as the living room or the hall, try also to place them in other areas such as the bathroom or the bedroom.

Benefits for the body

In addition to being a decorative element for the house, plants bring a number of other benefits to the body. They help to improve the quality of the air you breathe, which is especially beneficial for people who suffer from various types of allergies.

In addition, plants also help to lift the mood of people who are feeling down or suffering from a high level of stress or anxiety. They help to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere that is truly conducive to rest and disconnection from everyday problems.

Now, from Mobile Design we want to give you a few tips on how and where to put your plants.

¿Sabes por qué resulta tan importante añadir las plantas en la decoración de nuestros hogares? ¿Y en especial en zonas de trabajo? Mobile Diseño
¿Sabes por qué resulta tan importante añadir las plantas en la decoración de nuestros hogares? ¿Y en especial en zonas de trabajo? Mobile Diseño

1. Practical questions

It is advisable not to overlook some practical issues, such as the amount of light each room receives and the temperature it is at (a penthouse is not the same as a first floor), in order to choose based on these conditions. Then, you must find the ideal container, both for its external aspect and its dimensions, so that it does not become small in a short time.

2. Put them down on the floor

Real sculptures with movement, smell and sometimes colour, in corners or as ‘partners’ of the sofa or side table. When you enter a room your eye moves between different objects and spatial points. Flower pots, chairs, shelves and mirrors should not be aligned at the same height but create visual harmony.

 3. On a large scale

Don’t be intimidated by their height and take advantage of these majestic plants, which are more than one and a half metres tall. They are good choices in living rooms, as they act as living sculptures, adding a natural artistic brushstroke. However, let them shine on their own, making them the ‘queens’ of the space, preventing other smaller species from taking the limelight.

4. Depending on the room

Don’t give them up in any room, even the main room. In this case, you should always bet on species that favour rest with their colours and aromas.

Which are the most suitable plants for the room?

Well, you know that putting a couple of pots is not going to make you die for lack of oxygen. So far, so good. And what should be placed? Pay attention, at Mobile Design we continue to give you advice on the best plants for your bedroom:

Choose medium or small specimens and put them away from the bed.
Prefer plants with narrow leaves because they consume less oxygen
Opt for those with small leaves so that they do not accumulate dust
Open the windows every day to let the air be renewed
Leave the plants near the window so that they get the light and heat of the sun
If the room is somewhat dark, you can take the pots to another lighter environment from time to time
During springtime it is a good idea to put them outside (balcony, patio, terrace) to get some strength
Avoid turning the heating up too much because that is not good for the plants (and don’t put the pots too close together)

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - plantas para bano
5. Let them look

In the study or work corner, where everything is organised and contained, the plants will help you to give a touch of life and energy, thanks to the contrast produced in that ordered and visually ‘clean’ atmosphere. Look for species that overflow and come out of the pots, that hang, with exuberant leaves.

6. A good cocktail of species

If you are going to place several plants in one room, look for a rhythmic and harmonious whole, combining plants with different leaves and colours, which give strength and vitality. The more green you include in your composition, the more beauty and freshness you will achieve: shades of lime, emerald, grass… The same goes for the leaves, which are delicate, heart-shaped and as long as a palm… Variety is the key.

7. On a table, on a shelf…

Find your place: there is no room that can’t resist you and no corner that won’t earn you ‘deco’ points with its presence. You can put them on your desk, where the little plants can easily be mixed with photos, books and lamps; on the kitchen shelves, where the aromatics can bring a pleasant smell and a delicious taste to your dishes; on the little table next to the sofa, a ‘chic’ and flirty touch…

 8. A question of balances and proportions

Harmony must be your maxim when you are going to combine different species and different containers, so that when you enter a room you find a game of high and low and fine and thick, which catches your eye and your attention. So, if one has a tall and thin stem, for example, look for a pot that balances that height with a certain thickness and height and brings variety to the verticality of the room in general.

At Mobile Diseño we hope we have convinced you of the importance of plants in decoration and in the home, and from now on do not hesitate to decorate some of your rooms with natural plants. We have artificial plants to help you decorate any room in your home. Don’t think twice, call us and run to your nearest florist or nursery.

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