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In our professional career, throughout the almost 30 years that we have been serving from our furniture store in Marbella, we have been able to verify that few clients distinguish between an interior designer and a decorator. Although the truth is that the two professionals bring great value to the projects and one combines with the other to achieve a creation in perfect harmony.
The fact of being able to count on such qualified professionals is none other than giving the best creative solution to a space that demands change. In addition, after each project we feel that we have enriched ourselves and that we are able to face new challenges without fear of failure. Specialization comes with experience and, from this, the Mobile Design team knows a lot.


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What do I need for my space, an interior designer or a decorator?

The difference between both professionals is their training and involvement in the project. Each one has its role and enters a different phase of the project in question. Interior design and decoration are considered two different disciplines but that go hand in hand, neither of them is more important than the other, they simply bring different things in the execution phase.
What the decorator does is dress, decorate the space. He studies and organizes the distribution of colors, textures, light, materials and furniture of the place. What the interior designer does, however, is to change the distribution of that place, that is, from throwing partitions to touching installations or choosing the materials with which the space is going to be coated. This one creates the interior, the decorator dresses it.

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Our Services

In Mobile Diseño Marbella we are present in all phases of a project. Therefore, we have in our team professionals in construction, architecture, interior design and decoration. We consider that each one has his role in a phase of the project and that, any of them is as important as another. In addition, our almost 30 years of experience in the sector gives us a background that makes synergies between teams strong and agile, which becomes one of our added values. The Mobile Design Marbella team is a perfect gear to create impressive projects.
If you want to contact us so that we can advise you for free on any interior design or decoration project, click here.

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