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DESIGNS AND PLANS KITCHENS WITH MOBILE DISEÑO. Today in Mobile Design, we want to show you how a kitchen is designed and planned, since how to lay out a kitchen is probably the most important question one should ask before starting with a kitchen design. To do this, we will consider the shape of the furniture, the work areas, the pantry, the washing, cooking and laundry areas. Will you join us on this walk?

As we said, it is the distribution of the kitchen furniture and not its colour or style that determines how practical it will be to cook, eat and socialize in it. In the distribution we must take into account the placement of the electrical appliances, the sink, the storage cupboards, the free working space on the worktop, the windows and doors, and even the possibility of placing a table and chairs.
Let’s start with the shape.

The kitchen furniture is distributed in different ways depending on the space available (width of the space, access and lighting).
As important as the characteristics of the space, is to take into account the needs to be covered.

Linear kitchens. If you have a small or narrow space this distribution is for you. A linear kitchen maximises efficiency in the use of limited space, and is designed for particularly narrow spaces where only one wall can be used.
It is a fairly intelligent and very simple solution for this type of room. The best thing would be to have a wall, preferably without windows or doors.
A good idea to improve the use of space and reduce traffic in case there is more than one person in the kitchen, is to place the sink in the centre of the kitchen, leaving enough working space on each side, especially with the kitchen plate. The use of drawers in the upper part is another way of making the most of the reduced space available.

L-shaped kitchens
The L-shaped kitchen stands out as one of the most popular and common. It is ideal for receiving family or friends, as it allows for auxiliary spaces within it for eating. In the distribution, two adjacent walls are used, leaving the space open, and the limitation of a single passage area is eliminated.
When choosing this type of distribution, it should be considered that the space between the refrigerator, sink and cooking area should be sufficient to allow for work areas. L-shaped kitchens are ideal for both large and small spaces.

Kitchens with island
It is a quite popular distribution nowadays and it allows more interaction. Kitchens with an island are perfect when receiving guests, since if the island is placed facing the dining room or living room, you can keep in touch with the kitchen at all times. Islands with colourful bells are usually the centre of attention for guests, as they present an impressive view. This is a layout that we should only choose if we have enough space for it, otherwise we would end up frustrated with a kitchen that is not very functional.

U-shaped kitchens
It is a style that does not go out of fashion, where the distribution of the kitchen is done using the space of 3 walls. This distribution can provide us with a highly functional kitchen, where the refrigerator, sink and hob form a more or less equidistant triangle.
However, this arrangement may not be suitable for small spaces, as the distance must be sufficient to ensure good mobility at all times. This option is really convenient when the space available is square, and will allow two or three people to work in the kitchen in considerable comfort.

Kitchens with a peninsula or G-shaped
In kitchens with a peninsula, the distribution is made by arranging the working areas perpendicular to a wall. As a result, the design offers an aesthetically pleasing view. This is another of the popular designs of recent times, where you can see luxurious designs that place two of the areas on the peninsula, especially the kitchen and the sink.

Parallel Kitchens
Parallel kitchens are the ideal choice for many professional chefs, as they allow for maximum use of available space. It should be noted that the space between the two sides of the kitchen should be sufficient to ensure clear passage, and to open the drawers on both sides freely. In this arrangement, changing from one work area to another is achieved practically by flying, thus increasing work efficiency by reducing longer transfers. When arranging, the kitchen and the sink should be on the same side, to avoid accidents as much as possible.

The next step that we propose from Mobile Design is to define the working areas:

Work zones

Once the variants that make up the available space have been configured and the client’s needs have been assessed, the most appropriate arrangement of the furniture is planned.

The three zones make up the working triangle. An imaginary triangle drawn by the route we take when working in the kitchen. To make work in the kitchen comfortable, the three zones must be arranged in an orderly fashion.

In this area we store both refrigerated and non-refrigerated items. This is how we locate the refrigerator, freezer and pantry area. The ideal distribution should have an auxiliary area nearby. An area where we prepare the articles before storing them or before they are washed or cooked. It can also provide support for storing non-perishable food.
It is common to share furniture between areas, due to the combination of available space, frequency of use and kitchen design. In this case the pantry is shared with the oven column. The ovens and the upper part of the column belong to the cooking area and the lower part to the pantry area

In addition to the sink and the dishwasher, there is space for waste containers, as well as for cleaning products and utensils. If the house does not have a space for the laundry, the washing machine and dryer should also be placed in this area.
We hope that you have become more clear about how you want to distribute your kitchen, the next step is to come to Mobile Diseño and we will prepare the designs and renderings to make your dreams come true.

Diseña y Planifica tu cocina con Mobile DIseño
Diseña y Planifica tu cocina con Mobile Diseño



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