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Historically, the cooker hood although a fundamental appliance in kitchens around the world has been very unattractive. However they have been evolving and nowadays we can find a wide variety where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand.
Here you will find out what type of cooker hood best fits your kitchen.

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Wall mounted cooker are still highly valued. These are the classic and most popular extractors, but now you can innovate by matching the design with your kitchen. You can choose between cooker hoods designed with straight lines or a more avant-garde look made with materials such as steel or black glass.

  • Vertical Cooker Hood: this is the best example of a cooker hood as a decorative element. Nowadays, extra-flat and glass options are very popular. They also help keep everything tidy and clean thanks to their overhang that serves as a shelf.
  • Angled Cooker Hoods: these are one step ahead from the traditional ones. Thanks to the plates angled design and its proximity they are very efficient and quickly suck the smoke and odors.


If your kitchen is open or has an island in the middle, your best option are decorative island cooker hoods. Designed for open kitchens, they are gaining more and more followers every day, plus their power and efficiency of extraction is a fundamental feature.

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The decision of which cooker hood and cooktops to buy is not a quick and easy one. If your kitchen is open to the living room or is very small, and space and aesthetics are important. Then you can consider getting a cooktop with an integrated extractor: eliminate odors and smoke with no cooker hoods that spoil the kitchen design.

In this case it is not necessary to install an cooker hood above the plate. Therefore, you gain lots of space and a very clean look.

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This option is increasingly popular due to its comfort and effectiveness. The extractor is positioned flush with the cooktop which makes the fumes and smells disappear almost instantly, since they do not have time to rise.

If you are thinking about changing the cooker hood, you need a reform or just want to refurbish your appliances do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise for free without obligation.

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