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Do you know the designer Alex Turco?

Decorative panels are an elegant and sophisticated way to complement the decoration of any indoor or outdoor space. This type of decorative element gives a room unique design qualities and striking effects, using materials which can imitate all kinds of texture perfectly, or display one-off custom designs.

Today we would like to tell you about the designer Alex Turco, with whom Mobile Diseño has the good fortune to work. Alex Turco has extensive experience in the design and creation of decorative panels, using various types of materials which can be applied to elements such as furniture, doors, columns, external walls, etc.

Alex Turco is distinguished by his working methods: a perfect combination of photography and multimedia graphics with hand-made materials creates the unique results that bear his signature.

To show the effect a decorative panel can have on the decoration of your home, here are some examples of this artist’s work:

As you can see, the results are spectacular: a very visual and striking element of distinction which impresses all those who see it. The ease of installing these panels on any surface is another advantage to consider. It should be pointed out that these panels do not require planning permission, as they are applied in much the same way as wallpaper to existing elements.

Mobile Diseño are expert interior designers with more than 20 years’ experience creating custom projects for our clients. So if you want your home decor to be elegant, stylish and truly personal, be sure to contact us.

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