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Decoration styles by Mobile Diseño – Volume 1

In today’s post we want to show you the main differences in Decoration styles of your houses.

Are you classic? Do you like minimalism? On the contrary, is your hous full of many things? Do you love mixing styles?  Do not worry, on today´s post, we are going to give you a few brushstrokes of the types of decoration that are worn today. Which one do you identify with?

Modern Style

Modern style decoration is one of the most chosen decorations today, not only by young people, but also by those who want to give a new approach to their home.

The main characteristics of modern decoration are that its decoration is harmonious, functional and simplistic, in which simplicity and smooth surfaces, straight and refined lines prevail. What’s more, straight lines are the protagonists, since modern decoration tries to flee from curved lines.

In addition, in this type of decoration there is no room for clutter and ornate as we can see in other decorations such as rustic, but quite the contrary, less is more.

Classic Style

Classic style interior design is not difficult to recognize. Cornices, columns, doors and windows with light contours, marble fireplaces, and all furniture tend to be rectangular. They are used as decorative accessories: statues, oak or laurel leaves, ornate details, arches, stuccos, columns, but a certain order and symmetry can be seen in their arrangement.

Retro Style

It is a way to evoke the best of the 30s to 80s, where the classic and the romantic prevail. Very light colors are used; white is chosen in most types of decoration related to the old.

The materials vary depending on the time you want to evoke. In most cases, restored furniture sets the tone. It is interesting that in the interior decoration of vintage houses it is difficult to find two of the same, as they are unique pieces.

Rustic Style

Rustic design styles evoke rural houses, as homes with an interior style of this type provide harmony, well-being and comfort.

Rustic decor styles encompass stone or wood floors. They are fresh and bright spaces, so the colors used are warm.

The interesting thing about rustic styles is that there is a wide variety of natural materials. The essentials are wood, stone, clay, wicker and, in many cases, spaces full of harmony are achieved thanks to ceramics. Regarding fabrics, the favorite ones are linen and cotton.

Minimalist Style

The minimalist interior decoration style is perfect for those who love to have everything in order, for those who feel comfortable in simple and serene spaces. In this type of interior decoration in houses, the premise is “less is more”.

Formica veneers that give a feeling of opulence are the key to this type of decoration. In the minimalist style, the furniture should have very similar colors to the floor and walls.

Smooth surfaces, glass and stones predominate in this style of interior decoration.

Industrial Style

Modern, understated, and urban room styles are industrial-style decorations, also known as urban style. The rustic mixes with the elegant to create magnificent rooms.

The furniture that is used in the styles of decoration of industrial houses is made of wrought iron. They can be seen with a little rust. Untreated woods and veneers are also used. If the pipes and pipes are exposed, much better.

Nordic style

It is a style and decoration trend that has prevailed for years: the luminosity, light colors and elements related to nature steal all the prominence.

The concept arose because in these countries most of the year there is little natural light. It became the way to replace that lack of light, hence the colors used are light.

The main resource for Nordic decoration is nature, which is why the furniture is made of wood. The cushions and curtains are made of natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton or wool.

Flower patterns predominate in the interior decoration style, and an evolution towards stripes and squares has been seen. Regarding the furniture, the simplicity and straight lines combined with soft curves give it the distinctive touch.

Have you identified your style? Maybe not yet, for the next post we leave the Scandinavian, bohemian, farmhouse chic, nautical, classic modern, oriental and romantic styles.

Wanting to know the characteristics of these styles, right? We will not make you wait long, next week you can find it on the Mobile Design blog, the best decoration blog on the Costa del Sol!

Decoration Styles by Mobile Diseño


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