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Decoration styles by Mobile Diseño – Volume 2

Decoration styles by Mobile Diseño. In today’s post, we continue telling you about the different types of decoration for homes. We really hope you enjoy reading us.

Scandinavian style

Among the decoration styles, the Scandinavian (hygge) stands out for its open spaces and minimalism. White is the predominant color; The ceiling, floor, walls and furniture, all in the same color. The main idea is to transmit peace and simplicity.

The elements made of light colored woods (white, beige and gray) stand out, combined with metals, stones and natural fibers. Modern vintage style furniture steals the limelight in interior decoration with the Scandinavian formula.

  1. Bohemian style

Bohemian interior design styles are an explosion of freedom, happiness and life. It´s allow to mix warm and vibrant colors.

They are easy to recognize, since yellow, orange and red predominate. They are modern style houses in balance with hippie, vintage and gypsy fashion. If in the minimalism style, “less is more”, in the bohemian “more is more”.

The furnishings practically disappear from the rooms; instead, poufs, cushions and rugs are placed. It is a diverse and inexpensive type of decoration, because much of what you can buy at garage sales, fairs and street markets. Everything can be given a second chance.

Natural materials like wood, wicker and rattan are perfect for creating bohemian spaces.

  1. Farmhouse or farmhouse chic style

Interior decoration styles inspired by old farms have a place of honor among those who love modernity and rustic. The use of white and beige colors predominates to make the pickled wood furniture stand out.

In modern house styles where the farmhouse predominates, natural materials and elements of traditional architecture prevail. The main material is wood, which in addition to being present in furniture is used to cover walls, floors or ceilings. It is combined with bricks and soft colors.

The beams are exposed and the gabled roofs are used. Fireplaces cannot be missing in this type of design, as they bring the necessary touch of warmth to the home.

  1. Nautical or navy style

The colors that can not miss are the royal blue and white, much better if it is with vertical stripes. The final touch is given by some red or gold element.

Rustic wooden furniture in navy home décor styles cannot be missing. Details like miniature boats, starfish, shells, anchors, life jackets and everything related to beach life put the distinctive touch.

Textile resources where thick stripes with blue and white predominate are widely used in the decoration of modern and elegant houses, to give the feeling of living on the beach.

  1. Renovated Classic or Modern Classic Style

There are many types of styles for decorating modern and elegant houses, but only one finds a perfect balance between classic and modern: the renovated style.

It provides an elegant, luxurious and highly sophisticated appearance. It is not far from the trends of modern interior decoration, but, at the same time, it preserves the most important of other times. White and cream colors predominate.

The most used materials are noble wood and natural elements that form an important context; when accompanied by stone and marble, it is the perfect combination for a cozy and modern environment. Using glass accents will further enhance room styles.

The moldings on the walls, the borders and the wallpaper are widely used in a modern, renovated and classic style house.

The fabrics use cotton and linen with prints in stripes, squares and elements alluding to nature. Very common in these houses is to find simple taps in the bathrooms and very neutral colors in the kitchen.

  1. Oriental style

In this type of decoration the perfect balance prevails, so much so that almost everything is at ground level. Neutral colors predominate.

Materials are part of oriental culture. Bamboo, stone, rice paper, cedar wood and silk are present in all oriental-style rooms.

The contrast of materials is made respecting the concepts of yin and yang. This is achieved by combining, for example, contrasting materials, such as wicker furniture with silk fabrics.

  1. Romantic style

This style of decoration is delicate and soft; Small details make the difference. The romantic style is easy to recognize, since pink colors and flowers predominate.

Wood is essential in this type of decoration, but always in light tones or painted in white. In each space the flowers must be, either in cotton prints or naturally in vases, if they are much better ceramic. Other ornaments used are candles, books and modern decorative objects.

We hope you liked the posts about the decoration styles, and that now you have much clearer what your style is, or that the style you want us to prepare a project for your house.

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