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Professional decoration services for a home or a business are more and more in demand especially in Marbella, where home comfort is really important. Mobile Diseño counts on a team of experts in decoration with vast experience who develop attractive, sophisticated projects with furniture and decorative elements of the best brands in the national and international scene. We offer our clients functional, dream spaces , we develop your project for free, and we have a 3.500m2 exhibit space so you can feel free to visit us and see the different atmospheres we create.


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Marbella Decoration space

We know people who start in a decoration project are looking for something that thrives them that is comfortable and is aesthetic. For this reason, in our showroom we have a wide range of decorative elements for different atmospheres that our clients can see, or even purchase directly. Customers who are interested, can get our specialists advice as well as the development of a decoration project with no obligation in our shop in Marbella.


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Business decorators in Marbella

The extensive experience of our decoration professionals is not only due to successful residential projects but also commercial ones. Business image is very important for any client. Our premise is quality above all, without neglecting functionality and aesthetics.When it comes to corporate image, we prioritize their business objectives, as well as their brand identity.
In addition, when we start a decoration project we assume that it may entail a renovation. Our team designs custom spaces and creates unique and original spaces. We have our own team and we guide you in the project from start to finish.


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Decoration trends in Marbella

In our store, we do not want to leave out anything or anyone, therefore, we welcome all current trends. We are up to date with the colours that are in, the fabrics and finishes, the shapes and the most cutting-edge decorative elements. Styles are changing therefore we are always at the forefront of modern design, as we know the ins and outs of each style.A style that brings more serenity, more breadth to the space, the style that inspires the esoteric or reminds us of nature. We are experts.

If you are thinking of renovating the decoration of your home, now is the time. Get in touch with us here or by e-mail and our specialists will advise you without obligation.

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