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Decoration: Luxury Hotel

A luxury hotel should be considered a special and incomparable place; its location, the services it offers and its personalised customer care are crucial factors to be cultivated and improved to encourage the loyalty of its exclusive guests.

But for a hotel to be considered exclusive, it must also pay special attention to its decoration. Comfort, elegance and originality are the values which must predominate in any decoration project for a luxury hotel.

When deciding on the furnishings and decoration of a hotel there are several aspects to take into account:

First, we must define the overall style of the design, combining all the elements to create a totally unique look: colours, shapes, types… everything must fit together perfectly to create the signature style which the hotel’s decoration will be based on. Architects and designers must work together to get the most exclusive results. Usually, clients do not notice the individual elements of the decor, but rather the overall impression, which encourages them to feel an affinity with the hotel and to want to repeat the experience.

Then, the interior design team must take into account the different spaces of the hotel to be decorated, to calculate not only their size but their uses, as, for example, a bedroom does not have the same functions as the restaurant. Another very important factor to consider in the decoration of a luxury hotel is the choice of materials; these must, most importantly, be able to stand up to continuous use, while still expressing god taste.

To sum up, this article mentions the most important guidelines for the decoration of a luxury hotel. Have you ever been surprised by the decoration of a hotel?

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