Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - kobo tumbonas sombrilla kobo 3 plazas kobo butacas torsa mesas de centro y flame lumo

Decoration ideas to show off terraces in spring with Manutti furniture

Spring is almost here and we only want to sunbathe on the terrace. That is why it is a good time to prepare it, have it ready and then to enjoy it in the best possible companionship. Don’t miss out on the best tips to keep it in perfect condition and have a good time either with family or friends. Today at Mobile Diseño blog we bring you a small guide that will help you prepare it for long hours of enjoyment.

Terraces decoration, organization:

Usually, the first use that is given to terraces or porches is as a relaxation area, with sofas, armchairs and some side tables, for this we have our Manutti friends, pioneers in design, craftsmanship and functionality, create luxury outdoor furniture that inspire, captivate and help you to connect with nature.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - radius butacas con mood mesa auxiliar en una pequena terraza

The outdoor dining area is also important: some people give priority to this function if they do not have space. But on those large terraces where there are no space problems, the ideal is to add uses to other areas, reading area, barbecue or even sunbathing chairs.

Terraces decoration, layout:

The furniture disposition is determined by the direction where the best views are found, in case the sea can be seen from our terrace, we must give it prominence, both the furniture and the decoration as a whole must try to blend with it or enhance the contrast to make it more evident. If you don’t have them or your terrace or porch is in an interior patio, at Mobile Diseño we can help you to set it up as a small oasis, giving priority to vegetation, opting for a minimalist style by making use of certain plants at strategic points and adding good designer chairs.

Interior decoration and home renovation in Marbella - prato mesa de comedor duo silla

Nevertheless, when furnishing a terrace or porch, you must take into account the type of furniture used, as wind, water, sun or humidity greatly affect all the furniture. At Mobile Diseño we will advise you on how to choose designer furniture specifically designed for outdoor use.


As far as colors are concerned, at Mobile Diseño we think that warm and serene colors should prevail, such as white, sand, blue and light green, as they are the most relaxing and the ones that will invite you to spend more hours on your terrace. However, as in Mobile Diseño innovation, creativity and design are the pillars on which we work, we also like to use the color that predominates inside the house, achieving a feeling of union with the environment of the whole home.

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