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Decorate your bedroom

The bedroom is a very special place in your home. This is the most personal and private room, and so you need to take particular care that its decoration expresses your personality and suits your taste.

The decoration of your bedroom, as with any space, will depend on its size, which determines how many elements you can put in it. But you need to remember that a bedroom must convey tranquillity and help you relax, so the decoration should not be too crowded, and the furniture and finishes should be chosen with care.

In a small bedroom it is even more important to keep decorative elements and furniture to a minimum: the bed and the wardrobe are essential, so they need to add something to the decoration. It is also a good idea to include mirrors and large windows to increase the impression of spaciousness. If the room is painted in light colours this will relax the eye and create the calm relaxation your bedroom needs.

However, if your bedroom is large we recommend painting it in stronger colours to make it seem smaller and create a cosy sensation.

You can add more decorative elements, but always bearing in mind that the main goal is to create a harmonious space which transmits calm. In this case, juxtaposing different colours in the decor will create striking, original contrasts which can divide the space and differentiate areas in the bedroom.For example, you can create a comfortable lounge space with an armchair and low table for reading or working comfortably in the bedroom, and a separate sleeping area with the bed, wardrobe and bedside tables.

If you want to renovate the decoration of your bedroom and you need some tips, ask us about it.

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