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Décor trends for decoration and interior design

A new year is about to begin, and it’s time to see what 2014 will bring for the world of decoration and interior design. It looks like this will be the year of the eclectic look, bringing back retro, Art Deco and classic styles, but combining older furnishings with modern technology, an explosive mixture which is sure to make an impact.

We can also say that 2014 could be a golden year – gold will be used as a detail on many elements (cushions, mirror frames, the edges of furniture), always in moderation. As ever, gold goes well with beige, chocolate, off-white and dark grey.

And talking of colours, the basic thread this year is the warmth of bohemian design, with a predominance of colours such as green or blue, which we can see in this picture from Alf + Da Fré.

Geometric patterns and prints will also be very popular next year, and are ideal for adding contrasting colours. We will see them in cushions, upholstery and wallpapers. 

And finally, the ethnic look – tribal, African and Native American figures and details which will add a refreshing cultural variety and give a personal touch, reflecting our tastes, travel and experiences.

So we can expect to see contrasts next year, in styles (with a renewal of classic designs) and in colours, warmth, and most importantly, expressing your personality in the decoration of your home. Mobile Diseño will listen carefully to all your ideas and suggestions and help you create your dream home.

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